Although there are bottlenecks in traditional business, but also a trap E-commerce

recently, many people are talking about the Internet a proposition "with the rapid development of e-commerce, the traditional enterprise is going to decline or even kill?" then many second tier city yet began to test the water, on the Internet Mall or self built platform is really as good as the rumors? Today I will explain this problem several. (text / Zhu Weikun)

into e-commerce can burn up

yesterday, the author and the boss of the recruitment network in Shantou Han exchange a very topic, that is, e-commerce into the Internet is bound to do a thing, that is, the operation of the optimization!

do not know who said yesterday in the QQ group to find someone to optimize keywords, Guangzhou recruitment network, Guangzhou talent network, two words a year to outsourcing to the 200 thousand, ask who dares to answer!

I think, to do the first city recruitment network in Shantou second city, and invested 200 thousand in Shantou, the average basic wage is not more than 1000 yuan of the city, 200 thousand is big, but not in Guangzhou is not on the table.

on the matter, the author consulted the Shantou recruitment network boss, he said this is groundless statement, no matter who, if he can bring himself to 200 thousand, Guangzhou’s

website to sell?Although

is a joking tone, but this can obviously lead to the core of this article is a problem, is to enter the e-commerce can burn it?

to build a website is not difficult, but it is very easy to do things, including self built website. Thousands to tens of thousands of different, just like a place to open a store. However, the money will burn up operation, a bottomless pit, no data support, who also can give the best direction of operations, e-commerce can not feel, but


online shopping closed to allow investors to sober up

One point must be

here, the author is to do the Internet, but the regional – Shantou network company, not in the stone on their own feet, this is true preaching to the perseverance of the business, don’t have access to the Internet, the market all messed up. Here’s the problem of group buying network, extension of some ideas.

2008, group purchase in the domestic development, then many large companies are running fast, but the competition to have the investment, then what angel investors invested several hundred million yuan into the group purchase market, feel money, burning up, you can put this up operation.

unfortunately, group purchase network template is everywhere, and it is free, so is not a person to understand the Internet, feel that people dare to hundreds of millions, I do not have much capital, you can build a group purchase website, then get out of hand, the domestic group purchase wind was hot, because there is no legal constraint the online shopping, fake things, membership card scam run away so that a cancer and invest hundreds of millions of large group purchase network facing bankruptcy crisis.