Taobao Vanke jointly push the bill to deduct the maximum deductible 2 million


technology news August 25th afternoon, Vanke announced today, Taobao users throughout the year how much money to spend, you can in the 12 city 23 Vanke Real Estate direct offset mortgage, the maximum deductible 2 million yuan, a move that will allow the purchase cost of Taobao users most save 10%. The line on the line less than half a day, there are already more than 140 users enjoy a discount of 1 million yuan.

consumers only need to log in Taobao property page ( or scan code in real estate site, will be Taobao’s total consumption view between August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014, and online to receive a maximum of $2 million with a matching degree of purchase, 23 projects in Vanke’s 12 city where the highest 2 million of the 1629 relief.

it is worth noting that, for the full year in Taobao consumer dissatisfaction with 50 thousand yuan of users, Taobao will also direct payment of subsidies for the end of 50 thousand to ensure that all Taobao users are able to save a lot of money when buying a house. In addition, all of these purchases of Taobao users can be superimposed on the basis of the use of public preferential Vanke purchase.

this encompasses Hangzhou, Beijing, the most popular real estate in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places as well as popular apartment layout, real estate price span ranging from 400 thousand – 50 million, apartment layout has 30 square meters of a single apartment, there are 300 square meters of luxury. Taobao users favorite 80 – two – 130 square meters of the three bedroom launch up to 16072 choose the most widely. In the case of Hangzhou, Qixian County, the future of the city, County West and at the other 12 popular real estate involved, there are 10 real estate can be a one-time through Taobao total consumption of 5 – 100 thousand yuan purchase minus the deductible, the mansion county public look up to the West and one-time deductible 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan.


hand in hand by pushing the real estate Vanke internet purchases, expect Taobao users to enjoy online booking showings, buyers and other convenience at the same time, also can be "0" threshold "0" cost transparent bargaining, to gain the maximum benefits directly from the real estate business. According to reports, only a single measure of Taobao and Vanke, the cost of the purchase of consumers will be lower than the direct purchase of 5% -.

according to reports, the current Taobao real estate has opened up the balance of treasure and other aspects of pre authorization, when Taobao users online showings, also directly through the balance of treasure to raise a few houses, and the balance of treasure while enjoying preferential income and multiple envelopes.

Taobao said, in the future, on the basis of Taobao big data, according to personal ability to pay, living habits, preferences, personal style flats can enter in Taobao real estate after all show in front of you, you can clearly see the purchase of property buyers to obtain real estate evaluation, discount, acquisition the personalized service and so on, through Alipay in direct purchase, can also be installed new homes.