Big brother to seek action Suning Jingdong built platform where customers back into the United State

experienced in 2012 electric business integration, and capital to self hematopoietic capacity of business investment philosophy, 2013 for the electric business, the pursuit of profit and seize the industry before the three competition will become the theme of industry.

under this topic, the attitude is not a big business: Zhang Jindong in the "rush", Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong play "hidden" meaning "repair", find the old "change", Wong Kwong Yu for "close", Ma Yunyin "pa". The recent Suning, Gome and other initiated self revolution, as well as Jingdong financing for food, are due to the industry behind the ecological.

Suning want to catch: the transformation of cloud providers integrated online and offline resources

every reporter Tao Li Jiang Peifang from Shanghai, Nanjing

in the current electric business competition for the top three industries in the competition, Suning is in an awkward position, is typical of the chaser role. Su Ningyun (former Suning) chairman Zhang Jindong decided to gamble, full price of electronic commerce.

Analysis of

electric business people, although the business has more than Jingdong, but the Tencent, Jingdong and other models and similar future, Suning will face double difficulty of innovation, integration.

open platform to seek profit point /

Later, after the Jingdong

mall announced $700 million financing in February 21st, changed its name to explain foreign Suning Su ningyun group the cloud provider model, and the establishment of the online e-commerce, the next line of the chain platform and commodity business three operating headquarters. Online e-commerce platform operator Li Bin was promoted to assistant to the president of the group, which means Suning electricity supplier business status in the group structure was officially promoted.

this adjustment highlights the huge ambitions of Suning to the integration of online and offline resources across the board, Zhang Jindong mood is eager to Tesco development.

for cloud providers a new concept, Zhang Jindong explained, it can be summarized as "stores + + retail service provider", is the core of cloud based integration, foreground and background, on-line fusion Suning line.

After the adjustment of

, Suning online e-commerce, the chain and the chain of goods under the management of the chain together to become the headquarters of the three operators, electricity supplier business officially returned to the group, which proved the determination of Suning tilt to the electricity supplier.


open platform has become a priority among priorities of Suning, the line chain stores and Tesco website are open to the outside world, to become another "amazon". Suning settled for businesses to provide payment, finance, marketing, and data hosting services, logistics warehousing, cloud computing and other supporting services, and two platforms and 28 division "joint fleet", mutual integration between three party independent operation and business.

open platform is a profit point. The future of the mainstream brands and models are still doing their own sales, some of the products are not very good operation and the long tail market, will be done by the open platform." insiders said.