Factory store a comprehensive shopping only top ten industrial products business platform

recently, third party research firm iResearch iWebChoice rankings, factory stores become domestic integrated shopping sites only the top ten industrial products business platform, and the ranking is constantly rising.

from the authoritative website iwebchoice data, 2014 top ten comprehensive shopping website, is as follows: taobao.com, Tmall, Amazon, suning.com China, Gome online mall, dangdang.com, Jingdong, factory stores, fast and easy net, afraid to shoot the net. Among them, Taobao, Tmall and other consumer goods based electricity supplier platform ranking has not changed, continue to occupy the absolute advantage of the top ranking, and a large number of leading competitors. In the integrated shopping site before ten, also appeared for the first time industrial electricity supplier figure, ranked eighth in the factory store.


this is the industrial electricity supplier first appeared in the domestic integrated shopping site TOP10, represents the industrial electricity supplier has been successfully matured and net. Factory store has long been the industry benchmark and industry leader, led the domestic industrial electricity supplier to a higher level.

Why is it so slow and difficult for the

industry to make electricity supplier


"my company buyer will give me a few suppliers of information, let me decide. But I found out later, he gave me some quotations from suppliers than the real market price, for which a buyer is such, it is difficult to say whether there is "rebate" problem." A casting company responsible person reluctantly said. In fact, not only kickbacks, industrial procurement and a lot of specificity.

a wide range of different models, origin, raw materials for the price also has a very big impact, resulting in the price of industrial products have a lot of uncertainty. At the same time, industrial production cycle, quality inspection, logistics cost and customer service service also restricts the industrial electricity supplier ocs.

factory store is spotted this, innovation "face the manufacturers, professional service" mode of operation. In the factory shop supplier must through strict audit mechanism and perfect credit evaluation mechanism, as well as the industry lowest price guarantee, so as to ensure the best quality manufacturers to provide quality and real transaction price to the user.

industrial products burst

mention "burst", you can think of what, Taobao, Tmall, beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, but you can think of it, seemingly cold ice industrial equipment, but also "burst".

excellent enterprises and their products in the factory store credit assessment, the factory shop for free to conduct a comprehensive promotion of the special promotion channel, for example, the optimization of the ranking and various forms of advertising. Huge investment in advance, high-quality product information, is the late industrial products to burst the guarantee.

factory store successfully won in industrial electricity supplier, to more traditional business.