Taobao joint Department of press and publication the seller must have fake license


technology news December 20th afternoon news today announced the "2014 Taobao with the Department of press and publication fake report". The report shows that Taobao books and audio books for the establishment of a detailed rules of the goods, the seller must have a "publication business license". And with the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television to establish a special reporting channels.

Taobao said in the report, Taobao welcomes the majority of entrepreneurs together with Taobao, the use of the Internet free, transparent and open service users. But on the other hand, Taobao also actively implement the laws and regulations of government departments at all levels, fight against selling counterfeit and shoddy goods and other illegal acts.

Taobao relevant person in charge, in the past for the infringement and piracy problems appear on the Internet, is often taken after the audit mechanism, such as complaints received after the right to handle. The beginning of 2012, active cooperation with the press or rights organization, will fight against piracy of the front forward and at the end of the year and the 23 thousand human rights protection of intellectual property rights in the establishment of interactive relationship.

report shows that, in addition to the initiative to cooperate with publishers or rights organizations, Taobao also actively contact government agencies to seek guidance to eradicate piracy. As in the guidance of the national copyright administration, came into effect in 2012 "audio books access rules" for repaying the seller, limit the rules according to the "Regulations" management of audio-visual products and "publication management regulations" of the network sales publications of the seller qualification, and clearly defined by the Seller shall enter repaying permanent At the same time, in close cooperation with the country under the new board, a about 350 qualification fraud problem. said

will continue in the future to big data is an important means to strengthen cooperation with the State Administration of press and publication, online and offline to continue the fight against counterfeit source, while establishing investigation mechanism smooth and copyright management departments at all levels, infringement case handling copyright administrative departments through the investigation process, timely and effective treatment and feedback. (