Public comment lonely new home O2O platform

[Reuters] following the 58 city state power, the U.S. group, the Jingdong to carry out a series of home O2O, public comment should provide on-site service, to open the door of users.

has been open 5 categories

informed sources revealed to billion state power network, the public comment is about to open the "home" entrance, and with an open platform docking multiple vertical O2O businesses.

from the merchant feedback, the two sides are wildly beating gongs and drums for. But noted billion state power network, in the public comment, PC App end products has been low-key on-line service home page.

According to

billion state power network to understand, compared to the 58 part of the class to take self home, public comment is more inclined to the light pattern, open interface and flow, inviting merchants settled.

to the mobile terminal as an example, home cleaning, washing, Manicure, massage and pars five service first launched, the corresponding O2O businesses are e house cleaning, e wash bags, toot Manicure, Kung Fu bear. Among them, the Manicure and Manicure toot bearing ciliary two types of the business.

as one of the first settled merchants, e home cleaning CEO Yuntao told billion state power network, the public comment can provide high-quality customer resources for the two sides flow is more matching.

for each category is composed of a vertical O2O exclusive to control, or invite more competitive products jointly run, invited said that received no accurate information. Early will not sign too much, open rhythm step by step, mainly based on the quality of service businesses."

late entry?

in the last stage, the public comment collection of a large number of local life service businesses, including catering, massage, beauty, etc. decoration. But the public comment has been focused on the recommendation of the store service, therefore, whether it is comment, coupons, membership cards, or buy the business, in fact, the quality of the line is to lay the groundwork for drainage.

in fact, the public comment in terms of O2O has always been actively expanding more fresh areas, and even retail brands to carry out the joint promotion of store drainage. However, in the on-site service, its action is slightly sluggish.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the 58 city in the last year of a new 58 platform independent home, and on-line App. But unlike comments at home, 58 home in the initial stage by means of self support, housekeeping, Manicure and driving several sparring categories, to build its own line of team.

Compared with

, the public comment home service hidden deep, on the App side to climb the second screen to see the entrance. Did not establish an independent product, but also shows that in the early stages of operation, comments have to rely on the public comment on the original flow of import. This contradiction also exposes the public comment on the door to a certain extent, the cautious attitude towards home service.

"after the opening of the United States mission to open the door, in the absence of any activities and exposure