Rookie network challenge Amazon force of cross-border Logistics

trainee reporter Tao Li Shanghai reported

eleven on the eve of a round of logistics around the back of the competition between the electricity supplier giant launched.

October 27th, Amazon announced a logistics strategy for the Chinese market, the company will be the first time to provide warehousing and logistics services to individuals and businesses outside the platform. This means that in the future, even if it is not on the Amazon platform businesses, you can also take advantage of the Amazon logistics cross-border electricity providers.

‘s global vice president, global logistics Chinese President Xue Xiaolin in twenty-first Century to accept Economic Herald reporter said, for cross-border logistics services, the limitation of import business in an average of 6 to 8 days, only the fastest 3 working days. "We are relying on Amazon cloud computing and big data technology accumulation, logistics is a complex system, not just to see the front of the distribution and transport." He said.

he also revealed that the double eleven, black Friday trading peak has been a difficult logistics system. If you can track the use of big data technology, can reduce the risk of ruin is predicted in advance.

currently, Amazon has 109 operations centers in the world, covering 185 countries and regions. In China, the Amazon in more than 1 thousand and 400 cities and counties can be achieved on the same day or next day service.

, however, it still faces competition in Alibaba’s rookie network. Over the past three years, in order to develop and grow intelligent logistics, rookie network investment of about $16 billion, about 25 million parcels a day transport. Rookie intelligent logistics system has been covered in Singapore Post, Hongkong first, Spain, UK postal postal nearly 30 international logistics enterprises, covering more than and 220 countries and regions worldwide.

for this situation, Xue Xiaolin said, the demand for electricity supplier industry is a wide range, showing the trend of fragmentation, has not been fully aroused. Our aim is to solve the customer’s pain points, not to compete with other platforms. For example, the current cross-border electricity supplier market is a blank, but also the direction of our force." He also pointed out that the Chinese market is huge, last year, there are about 14000000000 parcels shipped nationwide this year is expected to more than 20 billion.

Xue Xiaolin also said, temporarily not with the domestic "Sanda a" price war. There are a lot of technical factors behind the electricity supplier logistics costs, if the vicious vicious competition, will eventually bring other losses, increase the additional cost."

China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the latest data show that the first half of this year, the total domestic e-commerce transactions reached 7 trillion and 630 billion yuan, an increase of 30.4%. Among them, the cross-border electricity supplier grew more rapidly, trading volume reached 2 trillion yuan, an increase of 42.8%.

therefore, Amason has been to strengthen the company’s operations center around the world, logistics has become its online retail, cloud computing after another core business. This may mean