Customs thorough investigation of personal purchasing, cross-border electricity supplier or into the

if you have some friends in purchasing overseas friends, so you must know that the recent spread across the country to raise a Babel of criticism of Customs thorough investigation of international news package. Not only Suzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Haikou, Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Dalian have been "informed" import tax, international mail was detained in Shanghai also increased, not surprisingly in the gun ". Some friends broke the news that Shanghai customs warehouse doubled, dedicated to seizure of goods. More netizens joked that Shanghai customs also intends to start cross-border electricity supplier, is currently in the stocking stage.

customs thorough investigation, individual purchasing losses

Suzhou friends usually love to buy some overseas small snacks, this sudden scrutiny, she can not help Tucao: please let go! Has been stranded for nearly a month, sausage, cheese sausage expired! Seemed near Shanghai to Suzhou, has become the furthest distance in the world.

Hangzhou white-collar Miss Zhang part-time overseas purchasing for several years, she obviously felt since October this year, customs clearance speed slow. "Mainly cosmetics, skin care products such a relatively high price of goods, cheap snacks are more normal, Hai Tao’s goods in the main part of the customs clearance, the speed is slow. This is not encountered in previous years, not seasonal factors."

often from the sea Amoy shopping website Xiaolu but that package is not affected. "My last month in Oh sea purchase bought a Korean Ian snail Cleansing Cream, national day soon arrived, after using the skin of water lingling. Recently bought a South Korean Lide posture moisturizing mask, affordable does not say, is less than a week will be sent to the."



In fact,

as early as 2010, the General Administration of Customs No. forty-third documents on some personal mailed items, customs import duties imposed by law, entry and exit of goods beyond the prescribed limits, should go through formalities or customs clearance procedures in accordance with the provisions of goods. Why the 2010 approval is only beginning to "work", according to people familiar with the following three reasons: first, excess imports, domestic economic impact; second, individual overseas purchasing tax evasion serious, the state tax loss; third, state support for cross-border electricity, must restrain the individual overseas purchasing momentum for the next two eleven, twelve Carnival electricity supplier obstacles.

high risk of overseas purchasing, APP sea Amoy into the preferred

improvement in material conditions, more and more people desire to improve the quality of life, coupled with the domestic food safety problems emerge in an endless stream, a variety of toxic milk powder, fluorescent agent let people on the defensive, and tend to buy high-quality products abroad. Before, a lot of people will choose to look for overseas purchasing way. But the recent customs thorough investigation, to highlight the drawbacks of individual overseas purchasing, individual purchasing ushered in the winter period.

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