Enterprise development or eliminate network distribution system to decide


Under the environment of the

world, the RMB appreciation, the European debt crisis continues to ferment, raw material prices…… A variety of factors together to make a lot of small and medium enterprises frequently survival crisis". But in stark contrast, some companies have strong momentum of development, the annual growth rate of more than 100%, no influence. Look at the list of these enterprises will be found, without exception is because the net sales, expand channels, business development or be eliminated, then by the network distribution system decision.

one, the next line of business distress

article at the beginning has said that the economic situation is not optimistic about the environment, businesses are affected at any time. A lot of small and medium enterprises every year to expand invest huge manpower and financial resources for the channel, but the effect is not satisfactory. The main problems are:

1, inventory backlog, logistics is not perfect;

2, the fund is not fast enough, there are several aspects of the flow of funds;

3, high advertising costs, output is not expected;

4, looking for agents, distributors difficult;

5, management difficulties, unable to "decentralized management, centralized management, integration of resources, collaborative work" at the same time spread out;

6, others.

two, network distribution

for the next line of business problems, the Internet gives his own solution to network distribution system — coup.

1, what is network distribution?

distribution is a method of enterprise sales, by some means, some products will be pushed to the front of the consumer strategy, we see in the life of television advertising, leaflets and so on are part of the distribution.

as the name implies, network distribution means in Internet distribution activities, recruitment network of distributors and distributors, portal advertising, micro-blog marketing etc. belong to this category.

2, why do network distribution

Why do

companies do network distribution, to use the network distribution system, because the online distribution will become a new trend in the development of electricity providers.

1) to build their own distribution network system, so that more channels of products, more quickly communicated to consumers;

2) organically integrate online and offline business models, so that existing resources can be fully utilized;

3) the use of distribution systems, can be a good deal with the company has long been plagued by inventory problems;

4) can quickly seize up to 1 million 500 thousand of the number of distribution companies on the Internet;

5) at the same time can carry out a number of business, sharing enterprise resources, greatly improve the utilization of resources.