618 Tmall Electric City 10 minutes to sell 100 thousand mobile phones


technology flood Beijing on June 18th morning just after 10 minutes, Tmall Electric City mobile phone sales of 100 thousand units, average selling 10 thousand units per minute.

on the same day, Tmall Electric City launched "upset the whole network, the promotional frenzy, the main activities of mobile phone, including ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Coolpad, Meizu, TCL, VIVO, OPPO, InFocus, apple and other 14 brands of 20 models hot models, total stocking millions favorable for consumers to buy. While small appliances, large appliances, computer accessories, office video at the venue in 3 ~ 4 fold deals to attract consumers to order.

is currently 998 yuan, HUAWEI glory smooth play version, millet 1S mobile phone, the price is only 499 yuan Foxconn OEM InFocus charm purple models the most popular consumer.


Electric City General Manager kaseen said, Tmall is one of the direction is vertical industry this year, during the years to promote the depth of cooperation with industry manufacturers, Tmall, Tmall mobile phone consumer goods back up. Mobile phone sales of Tmall Electric’s hit "good goods good price and good service" has been recognized by everyone.

years to promote Tmall’s two new year to promote a part of the festival, in addition to the spring and Autumn period of the new and double in the second quarter of eleven, a promotion refers to the promotion of the middle of the year. From June 16th to 19, beauty, fashion department, Tmall Electric City, home textile category turns to none other. June 16th Tmall beauty 24 hours trading volume exceeded RMB 284 million. Carnival June 17th fashion category, until 5 pm turnover exceeded 500 million yuan. And June 18th is the climax of electrical sales. June 19th, Tmall home improvement home audience half off, will detonate consumer enthusiasm.