Buy food are electricity supplier, what are you waiting for

366ec Xiaobian today was informed that the Hangzhou municipal Revolutionary Committee will be put forward to promote the development of e-commerce of agricultural products, the introduction of preferential policies to guide the agricultural leading enterprises and farmers to carry out electronic commerce, and be rewarded. Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Huang Kunming lingban.

buy vegetables also represent the general trend, the electricity supplier".

think about the rest of the day at noon, a little bit of the mouse, the Internet to buy today want to eat. When I get home from work, fresh and cheap local vegetables have been delivered. Such a fast and convenient way to buy food will certainly be widely favored.

is the development trend of electronic commerce has gradually become the main direction of high-profile or even the development of the market economy, because become a social new force 80, 90 people have generally familiar with the network life, lifestyle change is the inevitable result of the transformation of consumption mode, which is why countries pay more attention to the process of China’s e-commerce.

do not net is OUT.

fail early than late failure, early failure is a lost opportunity, be late again, failure is a dead end, can only be eliminated. Of course, it is easy to think of e-commerce, try hard to do, and even many electricity providers to do business because the net failed and shouted: "electronic commerce is to burn." For example, the largest domestic sportswear listed company Smith Barney has announced that, because the profit is difficult to guarantee, the company decided to stop operation "state purchase e-commerce business, becoming the first announcement outage of e-commerce business listed traditional clothing enterprises. This is America once the pain, although Smith failed, but does not mean the way electricity supplier went nowhere, just how to go is a problem.

electricity supplier of the road, a good platform to build, service providers are difficult to choose.

to do business, the first "network". Here the "network" means to open up the electricity supplier platform.


method of occupancy, the current electricity supplier in the existing platform of innumerable Ali, Taobao, Dangdang, Amazon, etc., business platform of fierce market competition, suffer natural is in business, after all, someone else is opened up platform, accept protection fee also should suffer, main business must first want to live in a big pile of money chop in front of them, in order to obtain access permits. The platform of fame, flow, the service has been relatively mature, and the natural law of survival of the fittest, the electricity supplier of the road must be the threshold fee will be higher, to business requirements will be more demanding, many businesses still only the immediate interests of unknown truth to jump in, small can only silently lament, jump jump, jump quickly fell more pain.


method of two self, since the existing platform to choose, why don’t you take yourself to? If they had money in the long run, want to spend money wisely will not heartache. Is it more conducive to the development of the future if you build your own territory and the rules of the game are written in your hands?