June grab what is the ghost listed PO need to be ready before and after the end of ammu

Abstract: there is no right or wrong, only the pros and cons of the world, the giants have been imitated rolling, is nothing new. Therefore, the future of the field of vertical electricity supplier, is bound to control the transaction, and business interests binding.


starts with an interesting conversation –

a reporter: I heard that XXX to be listed Oh!

June: oh.

a reporter: you do not worry about it?

June: why worry?


reporter: they once listed, will seize the social electricity supplier first, think of Youku and Tudou, Youku potatoes listed first, the miserable, the capital market has been suppressed not to say, finally only a takeover of


June: it was known as the "business first" Mcglaughlin? (voice: Mcglaughlin in 2010 by "business first" concept of market, IPO price of more than $17, the decline, continued losses, and later had to peel clothing business, now only the value of "shell", the share price hovering at $3.


a reporter:…………………… (long time no language condensation)

eyes and everything is


well, "what you see is everything." Like the Nobel prize winning economist, ·, Kahneman, in "thinking, fast and slow," said the. Whether it is a start-up company, or the media, so stick to the listing and become "XX the first", is drunk.

yes, IPO listing is a milestone in the development of the company, but it is not the decisive factor in the enterprise birds phoenix. Don’t forget, the capital market does not believe in tears, do not be good, and qiaoguxisui. Especially the Wall Street famous Vanity Fair, has always been to kowtow to the success and money, in which the body, only "Keep Growing Fuck, Everything Else".

some time ago, founder June told little Hao son: he is very much agree with the U.S. group Wang Xing’s view – who first listed who admit defeat". This is a listing of the things he had never fruits fall off when ripe, take it as a goal in life. He even said with a sigh of emotion, if someone really listed as a life goal, he could not imagine that one day, the man after the bell to feel and plan".

from another point of view, today’s social electricity supplier in this field is still changing rapidly, fierce competition, which wins or defeat, the conclusion is still early. In this environment, the first listed companies only to grab a variety of short-term profit performance constantly on the run, and better performance. Once the long-term layout and enlarge the input, immediately encountered a variety of questions; a little twists and turns, they will be short…… The same nectar, or Ruzhi arsenic, such failures are also less you >