Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival opened on April 6th grand opening

April 6th afternoon, 2016 Jingdong 3C strategic conference cum 3C Shopping Festival launching ceremony held in China World Trade Center in the three phase. Mobile, China Unicom, the three telecom operators gathered, Lenovo, Samsung, HUAWEI and other major brands have to come to attend the meeting, according to preliminary estimates, the event operators, brands, hardware vendors of 1000, together to help 3C Department of Jingdong and Jingdong 3C comprehensive upgrade, witness against the now own commitment to the profession of faith Jingdong,

to win the future!


Jingdong executives and manufacturers on behalf of the photo

in the strategic conference site, computer office, smart digital, mobile communications, big customers four galleries, a variety of the latest hottest products for the guests to experience and purchase orders in Jingdong.


in a very technical sense of the opening, Jingdong 3C strategic conference officially began. Jingdong led the guests reviewed together with Jingdong 3C in the past year brilliant achievements, more notice of the new upgrade 3C Department of Jingdong, with the "letter of the Jingdong, to win the future" the conference theme debut, Jingdong CEO Shen Haoyu mall opening address to the conference.


Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu

Shen Haoyu said in his speech: over the years, Jingdong has been with the customer first values, 3C Department of Jingdong is the most advantage of the ace category, the innovation and development of the group will continue to integrate the advantages of resources to support each system to Jingdong 3C.

in Shen Haoyu’s speech, the Jingdong express box drop from the clouds 3C Department of Jingdong, Jingdong President Hu Shengli officially released 3C upgrade plan.


Jingdong 3C division president Hu Shengli


conference is the first public voice since Hu Shengli took over the 3C Department of Jingdong, said Hu Shengli on Jingdong 3C previous sales, Jingdong, as the largest 3C platform China retailers, far exceeding the industry average growth rate.


and Jingdong 3C has been able to grow rapidly in the industry, and Jingdong for each brand to discuss innovative marketing body. From the perspective of marketing the glory of 7, HUAWEI P8 to large data precision marketing; from the double eleven strongest horse music as 1S, to the best shopping experience of iPhone; from the "Jingdong" bend the Samsung S6, to buy "the Milky Way" Samsung S7, and then to the circle of friends advertising and Jingdong sales node Lenovo ThinkPad, the Jingdong, such as the treatment of their own children in general intensive care and polished to each product’s first Jingdong, created numerous sales miracle


Jingdong has always attached great importance to the depth of cooperation with operators, and the move