2010 Chinese clothing net thing

if the lackluster profit model Chinese Internet, but with the apparel industry combination, appeared to subvert the situation out of the ordinary. Basic necessities of life, dressed for the first. Clothing, which is easier to go online in the era of network B2C product category, after the smart businessman that dazzling business operations, immediately interpreted as a new customer experience.

with the network sales booming, more and more experts will no longer be an anachronism to shouting "kill network fashion experience" speech, but continue to throw in his speech: "please note that Internet sales force."

rebel men and women’s endorsement portfolio

10 years ago the offbeat boy Han Han, with his best-selling book "three doors", with the arrogant uninhibited attitude to public view. After Han Han, set professional racing driver, singer, well-known blogger, editor in chief and other titles in a body, the Internet as a platform, quickly became popular. This year, Han Han became the spokesperson for the brand VANCL, selling t-shirts. Careful observation, VANCL clothing industry is like Han Han in the network world, the same rebellious and the same and all adhere to the new in order to be different. According to their estimates on Han Han, VANCL, online and offline a series of promotional activities, Eslite sales this year, a conservative estimate can be reached 1 billion 500 million yuan. And invite Wang Luodan to become brand spokesperson VANCL, is reflected in the future to further expand the market’s VANCL determination. At present, although VANCL sustained rapid growth, but is also facing fierce competition, the real key winner of the future, still lies in the brand. This is why VANCL invested heavily in the field of brand endorsement.

One of the representatives of the enterprises as

in recent years in the clothing online shopping market success, VANCL’s strategy and layout has been paid attention by the industry. Star endorsement from the contract, to play outdoor advertising, and then to push the line to experience the store, and is located in the 85 after the B2C line market…… These are marked by the start of the Net e-commerce companies began to compete for traditional consumers.

seek different value

July 2nd, the Danish company’s bestseller fashion group VERO MODA brand login Taobao mall. Previously, since its two brands Jack & Jones ONLY, Taobao official flagship store has been opened.

Taobao mall since its opening, more and more traditional brands to choose the official flagship store opened Taobao mall, as the first test of the Internet to test the water. Lenovo, DELL, JACK&JONES, ONLY, McDonald’s, Disney, Lining and other domestic and foreign brands which continue to flash now Taobao shopping crowd in front of. In this, the growth of clothing enterprises is particularly impressive, clothing has been one of the largest sales category of Taobao, nearly 60% of online shopping consumers have the experience of buying clothes online.

bestseller company and Taobao formed a strategic partnership, on the one hand to open their own.