Dangdang want to cast 100 studios to create their own content creation system


technology news January 7th morning news, Dangdang published supplier conference, CEO Li Guoqing said it would create content through creative workshops, incubation investment of 100 small and micro studio, in order to adapt to the mobile Internet era of light reading, the goal is to obtain genuine reading for more than 60% market share. At the same time, Dangdang will officially enter the original field, the establishment of its own content creation system.

Dangdang digital reading official said, 2015 is the first year of Dangdang digital reading business, the Internet will accelerate the transformation of the publishing industry thinking, through two aspects of product and platform layout. It is reported that, in order to adapt to the development of new business, Dangdang internal restructuring has been on the eve of the new year, the digital reading business will operate independently, the new office space will also become the incubator of small and micro studio.

Li Guoqing said at the product level, Dangdang plans to acquire or set up a number of companies to accelerate technology and product innovation, pushing a variety of applications covering the main entrance of the field of digital reading. Vertical segments such as education or digital reading vacuum, will be an important direction of new products.

it is understood that in educational applications, Dangdang will enter the online education market, on the one hand to promote the content of electronic supplementary materials, on the other hand, in cooperation with the online education company, including the introduction of multimedia teaching, digital library, online marking, the overall solution. In addition, Dangdang also plans to launch audio applications, as well as the knowledge base application of full-text indexing and fragmented reading.

content is the core of digital reading. Li Guoqing said, 2015 Dangdang will speed up the electronic paper book, TOP3000 bestseller paper ratio reached 85%, focusing on the layout for mobile Internet users consumption category, the increase in the number of magazines, periodicals, animation etc..

is currently the traditional publishing model of development of digital content, there are still many constraints, Dangdang plans to launch a self publishing platform, focusing on incubation and investment in the 100 digital content for the studio’s digital reading product line rich content delivery. At present, digital content and low processing efficiency, high cost, format confusion and other issues, Dangdang will develop content Crowdsourcing processing platform, to provide technical and financial support for partners, unified format standards, improve processing efficiency, increase the content of coverage.

Dangdang will officially enter the original field, the use of Dangdang’s readers and brand influence, the signing of the training of outstanding original author, the establishment of its own content creation system. Development of film and television, online games and derivatives through copyright licensing.

according to the latest independent report, 90 users accounted for total users Dangdang more than 1/3, the proportion is much higher than the industry and competitors, and the future of young people will occupy a large proportion, and fragmentation, personalized reading, light reading is the main demand of young people.

2014, Dangdang digital reading the initial layout, when the number of book downloads accounted for the proportion of Dangdang book sales increased from 10% in 2013 to >