Computer website domain name change announcement

accompanied us 11 years of is about to change the domain name, this is a historic moment.

WWW.SHUDOO.COM, the number of fixed connection, entrusted with the people and the computer Chinese eighty million computer enthusiasts dream of sailing sailing at this moment.

from the beginning of June 12th, the official website of the computer – number of mobile connections, the official opening of the new domain name, the original domain name will provide a short jump service.

number of users and computer users connected to the computer News reported after the visit to the official website, please use the new domain name In the domain switching stage, if you find problems in browsing the web, please tell us by the head of the "BUG" submit "page, customer service or customer service, QQ379469786 box [email protected], thank you for your attention and support the logarithm of fixed connection


number of the purpose of moving wire

the number of fixed connection is the predecessor of, since February 1997, has continued to China computer enthusiasts IT knowledge service, "the purpose, has repeatedly won the" top ten Chinese website "China title, has the successful introduction of venture capital investment in new york.

for eleven years, the number of fixed connection has been reported in the official website of computer, Chinese more than eighty million computer enthusiasts in the accumulation of a very high visibility and reputation.

is a number of applications to provide the application of knowledge, online Q & A, industry dynamics, product information, resource downloads, B2C online shopping one-stop IT portal.

the number of fixed connection with the interaction as the core competitiveness, through real-time, professional and authoritative knowledge in computer applications and interactive answering system of IT industry and product information interaction review, influence of computer enthusiasts and its influence on the IT consumers’ brand awareness and purchase intention.

the number of fixed connection ( for eighty million Chinese computer enthusiasts, they have a higher level of computer application knowledge of ordinary Internet users, 88.11% in 15 to 34 years of age, 80.45% with college and higher education level, 96.42% have a personal computer, have recently acquired IT 87.91% product, industry and regional distribution of a wide range, mostly IT is the opinion leaders in the consumer groups.

the meaning of the name of the name of the

the number of fixed connection, which means "digital life, liberty interactive".

interaction, exchange of information, is answering questions, more opinions collide, opinion leaders will finally lead consumer intention.

through the interaction, the number of fixed connection to Chinese computer enthusiasts, providing personalized service;

through interaction, the number of mobile connections to guide the purchase, to promote consumption for IT vendors and the final >