Xue Dongyang 2011 China e-commerce market will usher in this war

is the end of 2010, recalling about the past one year, the e-commerce market China is crowded ah, B2C can be said to be the most beautiful for the field of electronic commerce in 2010; the two Amazon dangdang.com, senior B2C website is still strong; Jingdong mall, Newegg and VANCL (ERIC), the bright younger generation Taobao mall the rapid development of C2C, suning.com and other fields; scenery seems to have dropped, taobao.com will no longer claim to the C2C model, instead of Taobao mall it is now in the rapid development of Tencent, Baidu has ah, pat tepid; C2C mode in the future how? It is difficult to know, but no doubt, the proliferation of fake integrity crisis and other issues is the key factor restricting the development of the C2C model.

Tencent’s QQ mall and the end of March this year on the line; in October, Baidu and Japan’s largest e-commerce company, to launch the "cool days mall" on the line, these internet giants have reached the B2C field, for a share in this market; July IT products OEM Foxconn the world’s largest investment the B2C tiger Tesco launched in mid November; the world’s largest retail enterprise in WAL-MART China online store "Sam member online stores" low-key on-line; it is understood that WAL-MART in 2009 in the United States online business revenue reached $3 billion 500 million, and is on the rise, now plans to open up their markets in Chinese.

China e-commerce market not only attracted Gome, Suning, BELLE, Lining, Foxconn and other traditional industry predators to join, even Chinese post, Chinese Ping, Chinese UnionPay these traditional giants in the field have also reached the market. In August, China post and TOM group joint "ule" line, product positioning in the clothing, household appliances, food and daily necessities; Chinese UnionPay’s "UnionPay online mall" on the line in September, goods covered by clothing, cosmetics, food, digital, Home Furnishing, location oriented 400 million UnionPay card holders the high-end crowd, plans to reach 100 billion sales in the next 3 years; there are rumors that China ping an acquisition of online supermarket shop No. 1 about 80% stake, shop No. 1 is involved in food and beverage, beauty care, kitchen ware, toys, furniture, electrical appliances, maternal and child nutrition and health care, gift cards and other ten categories, about 100000 kinds of goods online the supermarket……

In 2011

e-commerce market competition will become more intense, because many e-commerce companies concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, compared with the advantages of Guangzhou and Shenzhen the logistics distribution and consumption capacity of the first-tier cities, so in 2011 e-commerce market competition, the main battlefield is concentrated in the big city of a gleam of. With the traditional field of predators Suning and Gome and Foxconn have joined the 3C e-commerce market in 2011, 3C e-commerce market will likely become the war of the retail market climax, the price war is more likely to put on a tragic way. But the B2C e-commerce retail market not only broke out in the 3C market, but also with the