Transformation of traditional enterprise electricity supplier how to get a good talent this pass

remember Ma said: do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret it. Have to admit that China’s electricity supplier is quite rapid development momentum. In this trend, the traditional industries have started to do electricity supplier transformation. But at the moment, the traditional enterprises involved in the electricity supplier at the same time, had to face new problems – suitable for the development of enterprises. In Hebei, Shahe, a founder of e-commerce companies reluctantly said: simply can not recruit the right people, can only pull the relatives come over training. After entering the e-commerce, it is true that the most expensive in twenty-first Century is the talent." This is also a common problem of many electricity supplier companies.

In 2012

e-commerce conference held in Beijing in May 30th, iResearch Consulting Group Vice President Huang Jiali believes that the future of traditional industries will be subject to participate in e-commerce, e-commerce talents are the core factors affecting the development of the electricity industry. In other words, the only factor restricting the development of China’s e-commerce in the future is – talent, but there is news that China’s current e-commerce talent gap of more than 5 million.

talent shortage is lack of education

so if you want to solve this problem, first of all to understand where the root of the problem. The author believes that the main problem is the lack of talent education. In contact with so many e-commerce site process, which is also a deep experience. School education is mainly to the test, the students of some basic concepts of SEO, now SEM network do not know but still as long as you can get through the examination of electronic commerce certificate, I do not understand that e-commerce division can bring what kind of development to the enterprise


in addition to education to test oriented, there is a very important point is that the school education and the actual needs of enterprises derailed. The school used four or five years ago, tutorials and teaching methods, but the development of e-commerce is too fast. This is clearly not the teaching of students in line with the standards of the enterprise.

enterprises lack of talent should take the initiative to attack

lack of talent will become the biggest constraint restricting the development of China’s electricity supplier, electricity providers can not find a suitable electricity supplier talent, electricity providers can not find a suitable electricity supplier business. In my opinion, this problem will continue for a long time. And as the real economy continues to move closer to the electricity supplier, both know how to understand the retail line of electricity providers to promote the talent is the urgent need of enterprises. In such a case to solve such problems still need to take the initiative to attack the enterprise. Take the initiative to a group of professional talents to use this type of. If you want to rely on the school’s education to meet the needs of the enterprise talent, at least in the current point of view is not realistic. Enterprises should be based on their actual situation to develop targeted personnel, so that the talent is more suitable for enterprise development needs.

of course, in addition to the electricity supplier professional students should also have a clear understanding of their own and can have a detailed job