Used car electricity supplier integrity collapse data fraud half of the monthly sales of water

in the past 2015, the second-hand car business platform to fame, won the favor of capital and public attention. It is hoped that through the fair and open Internet mode to change the traditional industry problems for many years, to provide consumers with a better car experience and protection. However, with the sale of the car accident "will be transferred the car to internal staff" and "false data" and other negative news was disclosed, second-hand car business platform integrity is collapsed, the development of the industry suffered a strong cold wave".

used car platform sales accident car

some time ago, Xi’an Hui bought a 2015 Volvo XC60 seeds through second-hand car platform, then went to the 4S shop maintenance technicians, maintenance records through the inquiry found that the car accident happened. After several communication, melon seeds used car and Mr. Hui signed a contract to terminate the contract, refund the purchase of cars and commissions, compensation 10 thousand yuan refueling card, and handwritten letter of apology.

thought that this is only a case, but there are more and more consumers through micro-blog, know almost all channels to open their own car to buy second-hand car in the seeds of the accident, the details and evidence of the table car. Let’s feel the seeds face, claiming to be a second-hand car seeds employees complained to the media, that is to buy their own cars in the second-hand car transferred the seeds, for adjustment of eighty thousand kilometers, because the rights to no avail and resign.

Qingdao Mr. Shi told "IT times" reporter, he bought a second-hand car by Zotye T600 seeds (2015), the platform he excitedly made a circle of friends, the sharp eyed friend has seen this car is my 2014. After confirmation of the 4S store, melon seeds used car sales staff suggested that Mr. stone after the transfer procedures to solve the problem of years of access. But when Mr. Shi then call for the transfer of sales staff, the other side is called the transfer after the no objection to the year, before and after two weeks of wrangling, the seeds of second-hand car finally promised to give Mr. Shi compensation 500 yuan fuel card.

Mr. Shi to understand in order to sell the seeds of second-hand car claims on the platform of the second-hand car after "259 comprehensive inspection" in the end how much water, so again the seeds of second-hand car website, and the identity has become a seller. Detection of the master at the appointed time the door is a twenty years old young man, the other to check relevant information after the car, with a light observation in the car inside and outside, and come up with a detection instrument, it is said that a picture against the body shell thickness can detect body is not uniform, so as to eliminate the car accident overhauled.

money master working in the garage for 10 years, he told "IT times" reporter said: "if these platforms only home testing, without the use of lifting machine chassis view words, it is difficult to completely eliminate the car accident may." In his view, detection mainly by experience, skilled master from the tire wear, interior paint, that is not transferred from the car, the body will streamline probably can see traces of major accidents.

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