The survival of the fittest business websites should strengthen their own competitiveness

now many business sites are to strengthen the promotion, strengthen the propaganda in the way of publicity, but now the innumerable business class website on the network, how to improve their performance, enhance their visibility


is now doing SEO optimization, do network promotion of the website a lot, however, those well-known, good websites is to rely on the "promotion" and achieve sales? In fact, although the wine is also afraid of deep alley, but if the wine is not sweet, perhaps no one will give. Now the type of business website is a lot on the line in a hurry, and then follow the trend following the development of type, type of business website is no longer a new thing, but now is in a period of rapid development, as the economic development of the conventional rules, it will produce a lot of mixed stand, and then develop bubble so, for now a lot of business website, focus should not be on the surface of the "external", but should strengthen the "internal" exercise.

network is a high place, there are many sites in every day, there are many sites in the exit, "you Changba me play" network area, how can we survive? This time should not consider how to obtain better performance but should consider how to survive. This is the most important, to consider how to develop better able to obtain better results and then on this basis. In fact, can really do bigger and longer site, there is a similarity: that is the core is very focused on their own strength, rather than simply through promotion and other ways to enhance the visibility of their website. Now a website to be bigger is always to pay attention to the following aspects:

1: service attitude.

has encountered a bad attitude on the Internet business, come out to do business this is the foundation!

2: the quality of the goods.

online customer service introduction pictures, let you feel very fit, after buying down goods come and found their own imagination and differ very far, so you will go to the


3: do a good job, information feedback.

this is the most important way to improve the rate of return customers, so you can get your site in the early part of some long-term customer resources.

do not do, do not really want to go into go into, to do a good job! Or to test the internal strength, there is not enough strength to develop what, where customers? Not good internal strength, who were unable to build a castle in the air.

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