Rookie micro business eight experience

I am a part-time job to do micro business, but also a novice, probably about a month, an average of 4 to 5 hours a day. The reason for writing this article, one is to share a derivative of their own during this period of time experience, on the other hand also hope that we can communicate with me ". In order to facilitate the reading, I would like to say that according to the article, think of what to say which is not necessarily right, I hope to criticize.

(1) execution. Think of thousands of road at night, go up in the morning the original road, this is certainly not, and now so well-developed network, a lot of the time we can see some methods and experiences of others, but we did not go to practice, or has already started, but did not stick to it. I want to say, want to do things, the first step, you have to perform.

(2) pattern and circle. The reason for this is because I believe Lu Songsong’s words: the people you care about the world you see. I was originally a state-owned enterprise employees, through a blog know this man Lu Songsong in mid 2014, and then I gradually pay attention to Taobao customers, fans economy, WeChat marketing, QQ marketing, also know some network marketing Ka at home, listening to some lectures, also learned a lot of dry cargo, can that from that moment, my life began to change.

(3) product positioning. Do micro business, of course, to choose the kind of customer groups, the market potential of products. Currently doing micro business in 80% of the women, and among these women, and the sale of the mask and other beauty products in the United States, the high repetition rate and saturation of the stunning. So at first I thought these problems, and finally chose the fledgling market of Ayurveda in India God oil products, practice has proved that my good luck.

(4) resource integration. Business is no longer single-handed age, if you want to single handedly put all things well, I think it is a dream, unless your idea is not a lot, or very easy to satisfy the current situation. I can not help but think of the words of Hu, is what you want to do, in fact, 99% others have done, as long as you do what others have done, plus your 1%, you are successful. So around the existing resources, can take advantage of the best use of it, we want to grab the market, we must learn to seize the time.

(5) team consciousness. As the saying goes, people pick up the flame, the collective wisdom is infinite. It is for this reason, I am in the micro business place to focus on creating [E.P. day mission] this marketing team to facilitate the operation of the product marketing scheduling, service optimization, experience sharing, etc.. This is my biggest harvest and the most proud place.

(6) thigh. We are not only to learn the newspaper marketing Ka legs, we should also learn at Tencent, Baidu, Ali thigh. BAT is currently the largest tree behind us, of course, the webmaster resources can not be underestimated. How to hold these legs, mother will tell you.

(7) competition >