Online shopping spawned 3 new career into a new choice for personal network Entrepreneurship

online shopping has become a new era of people’s favor, whether people after 70 or 80, 90, is love the high efficient, convenient and inexpensive way of shopping. With the continuous development of online shopping, it provides a large number of employment opportunities for the society at the same time, and constantly create new occupation of many related, such as network, network division, Madou bargain shop decoration Division etc..

1, network hemp beans

On the one hand, due to the limitation of traditional

plane model of the market, on the other hand, with the expansion of Internet shopping, a plane model industry toward Internet development is an inevitable trend, a new term was born "hemp beans", hemp bean is a "model" model in English transliteration. The main job is to do a part-time job shop or full-time plane model, build a bridge between buyers and sellers. More high-quality image and video display of goods, so that the seller has the opportunity to get more orders.

2, the network bargain division

The emerging

network occupation bargain division but also in recent years before the birth, especially the group purchase appears, accelerated the occupation to a more professional direction. The network bargain division generally have multiple business capabilities, including the ability to understand consumer needs, familiar with the market and price of goods, the corresponding organization and is responsible for on behalf of consumers and businesses to bargain. Each bargain division are often removed in the industry for many years, with rich experience, well aware of the product information and market trends to bargain, and familiar with basic network technology and electronic commerce.

3, shop decoration Division

The development of allow millions of people to join the shop, shop and template free has not met the needs of stores, many stores do not have the basic skills of the decoration of the shop, the shop decoration Division also should be born. Network designers need to be proficient in the use of web design software, including web page code, FLASH animation, graphic design and other IT technology, the most critical is the need to have a certain degree of aesthetic taste and innovation.

The development of the

network has gradually penetrated into each one of us around, if you want to get rich through the network, the network may get involved in a new occupation, as long as their own conditions and continue to believe that thousand is not a dream. Anne’s gift ( original, reproduced please keep the link source and this statement.