Cross border export trends clothing this year or busy season is not prosperous

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, money Alipay VP Zheng Huadong at the summit Ebang cross-border electricity supplier for the core issues of cross-border payments made a discussion, and from the angle of payment showing the status of cross-border electricity supplier industry. According to the published data, at present, clothing and electronic products is still Chinese cross-border retail electricity suppliers export "pillar", the total trading volume accounted for more than 70%, while the apparel industry this year may be a "busy season" phenomenon.

, according to Zheng Huadong revealed that the money to pay treasure statistics show that the volume of apparel products accounted for about 40% of the total cross-border electricity supplier retail export industry, electronic products accounted for about 30%.

, the largest number of electronic products trading market in 10 countries: Brazil, Spain, the United States, Russia, Holland, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Italy. The 10 largest markets for wedding dress products are the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Ireland and Finland.

from different categories of the average customer price in different markets, electronic products in France’s highest price ($184), followed by Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, wedding products in Saudi Arabia off the highest price ($332), followed by Mexico, Britain, Ireland, australia.

from the 2014 full year trading volume curve, electronic products trading is relatively stable, the peak season in July and August. Wedding dress products trading volume affected by the season, the outbreak of trading volume concentrated in the spring, which peaked in March 2014.

however, Zheng Huadong told billion state power network, this year the whole market cross-border export garment industry may appear busy season trend, which is why many sellers are beginning to take the brand route. Because, we have only one way out, before the fight that the supply chain, the trend of price war has gradually turned over the article."

in addition, money Alipay released data also show that from 2013 to 2014, the electronic products trading volume is the fastest growing market in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Holland, Italy, canada. The fastest growing market for wedding products is France, Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Saudi arabia.