Business and travel agency in hand for the world to create a filial piety Tour

with the first Sunday of May approaching, this year’s mother’s Day is coming. How can make the mother happy mother’s day, spend their holiday, became the world’s most filial moment to talk about the topic.

Whether it is

away from home, or every day and parents face to face the child, mother’s day, after all is to live, after all is to take over. This day last year, the year before today, there are two years ago today, the world filial children, are in a different form, to express their sincere filial piety:

1 on the Internet, will sincerely bless themselves, in the form of e-mail, sent to the mother, although very simple, but all the deep feelings, focussed on the mail, the sound of silence. Send a lifetime greetings, reported a peace, you can make a home far away from the mother, not worried.

2 mother’s Day approaching, in the online flower shop, scheduled carnations, Nepenthes, prior to the mother, is "low", only to be the mother’s day, mother really have flowers, will be touched by the wandering mind of filial piety.

3 filial children on the Internet platform, mother’s Day special settings, as mother shopping, bring a new product to mother, find everything fresh and new, from the intelligent mobile phone, to fool the camera, little and dainty to ultra-thin notebook, regardless of size, number of commodities prices, the only change is that the kind of mental wandering filial piety, let mother live more happy, also can be reflected by the material


4 is a video, a long time greeting, at this moment, the distance is not any problem. Since the advanced video mode, no matter how far away from the mother’s home, can be on the Internet, whenever and wherever possible, the new model to achieve cross-border and cross space model of online expression of their filial piety. The emergence of the Internet, on the one hand, completely make the human into the "fool" mode; on the other hand, also make people’s life more convenient, more humane, no matter where a video, it can be a mother and child together tightly


these are more traditional Internet show children filial piety, in addition to these, there are some new online delivery of children of a filial piety model, are these new models:

1 for the mother, the mother before the holiday, the purchase of some virtual goods, so that the mother is not alone. A book, when is it convenient for mother in the trip, check at any time; a lovely Internet virtual toys, the mother on Mother’s day, heart, smile; a virtual gift, but can also be for the mother on Mother’s day, bring joy at the same time, the real gift is more than. Add a green meaning; sent mother a virtual travel, can make the mother a desire to travel, can also make the mother long stay at home, not in a boring, rich mother’s spiritual world, Why not??

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