O2O What is the vomit vomit

2012 safe past bustling rash and too much in haste, I want to ask the deepest impression of 2012 is what? I can only say that from the beginning to the end of the road was singing "popular" the so-called "vomit vomit". If you want to ask, what is O2O, what is O2O? That there will be at least one thousand "Hamlet" to tell you about. The fact that 2012 is not the end of the world, but the O2O of the year, this year everyone talk about O2O, we finally "vomit vomit".

what is the "vomit vomit"

what is O2O? A few words can’t explain the industry, there is no uniform definition, O2O Online To Offline is English spelling, understanding is literally with the line". If from this point of understanding, the concept of O2O is very wide, as long as the industry chain can relate to online, but also relates to the line, it can be called O2O.

O2O is the concept of the early life of the service provider of electricity for the concept of traditional B2B, B2C, C2C and other areas than the classification. But with the rapid development of the electricity supplier market and the rapid rise of the mobile Internet market, the concept of O2O is no longer confined to the local life services. For example, Soufangwang, car home, Zhongguancun online etc. these vertical websites, 58 city and Ganji this classification information website, in a broad sense can be called O2O, because the target information to find they are involved in the first part of the business chain, said they are also understandable O2O.

If the

from the perspective of the electricity supplier, including O2O and B2C part of local life service business, further subdivision of local life services may include forms, group purchase coupons, part of the B2C business in O2O include furniture, cabinets and other products sales and retail business online and offline combination of retail and. Although the broad range of O2O coverage is very wide, but the industry’s focus on O2O more focused on the relatively narrow on the local life service market electricity supplier development. 2012 "vomit vomit" in the past year, after a long-term concern, I generally do the following classification of O2O.

currently on the O2O model, can be roughly divided into 6 kinds.

first – buy

buy out from the electricity supplier market segments, because of its main business life of local services, and buy more mature and stable mode, so buy is considered a representative model O2O. Buy the industry has basically covered all aspects of the local life service market, can be divided into food and beverage category, service class, entertainment, these three categories. Catering mainly includes: buffet, local dishes, Hot pot, barbecue, Japanese food, fast food, Western-style food, desserts, seafood etc.; services mainly include: portrait photography, beauty shaping, massage, hotel, tourism, education and training; entertainment mainly includes: Spa, fitness, movie tickets Tickets, outing, recreation, entertainment, bar KTV Game >