Electronic commerce website to collect high integrity certification fees are profiteering

The development of

Internet development one peak arising from electronic commerce, in addition to large enterprises have their own e-commerce system and marketing system, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the network marketing promotion mainly rely on e-commerce website or platform to have a certain strength, rely on B2B this business to business e-commerce platform.

Chinese due to special conditions on the market, the birth of a giant electronic commerce as the representative of the platform, the implementation of the integrity authentication, because it can make money, many business platform with the copy mode, the certification fee of more than 2 thousand and 800, each member of the annual more than 1 thousand, 800 yuan. These e-commerce platforms are mostly different from the level of qualification of the third party certification cooperation, after careful packaging, relying on their own resources and advantages to small and medium enterprises to sell. The actual situation is? The third party certification body integrity market quotations: integrity certification of an ordinary enterprise needs 50 yuan only, if be certified enterprises so much price certainly can be reduced to a more favorable position.

e-commerce platform has dozens of well-known, somewhat famous hundreds, tens of thousands of ordinary home, after the third party certification package (the design of a routine, language organization, picture impact, market data arrangement) to have the intention to sell the small and medium sized enterprises the price is a few more than 50 yuan, this certification fee is hundreds of times

!Why is there such a situation

is still the result of asymmetric information, because of the asymmetry of information, resulting in the redistribution of wealth. Fortunately, information asymmetry is temporary, will not exist for a long time, especially the rapid development of the Internet today. With a large number of B2B e-commerce platform to learn from the arrangement in the industry leader, will learn from the study of small and medium-sized enterprise users diversion, communication network marketing knowledge widely, let everyone know there are other places cheaper, can get more benefits and benefits, better effect. So different business platform membership fees are not the same, the integrity of the certification costs are not the same, it can be said that the high and low, uneven. When this blue ocean into the Red Sea, the giant can not endure, in order to be able to continue to profit, but also to fight for more charges of users, so there are more than 2000 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. The price of the process is a process of change, perhaps 1 years, 2 years will temporarily maintain the price, perhaps 3,4 years after the price can be as low as a few hundred dollars. The law of the market is the same time, the price is bound to be a magic weapon, which leads to more business platform price cuts. The gradual elimination of previous profits! "Cash cow" will gradually wither or find another way to become a healthy "cow", "some milk", but not supernatural! There is, these giants of the platform, with the increasing number of users, the integrity authentication of the number of users, will inevitably lead to the average of each enterprise inquiry information, click browse the decline, why? Because a platform flow is very big also has a bottleneck, charging users more, many enterprises are credit certification >