CN registration exceeded 8 million again to climb a record high

reporter learned from relevant sources, as of the end of November 2007, CN domain name registration has exceeded 8 million, once again climbed to record highs. At present, CN continues to dominate the national top-level domain name second in the world, has profoundly changed the world domain pattern, the rise of the world to re-examine the China Internet based address resources.

after ten years of brewing, the development of CN domain into the fast lane. From March this year, CN domain name registration amount from 1 million 800 thousand straight shot up, by the end of June will explode through 6 million. In the next few months, this figure to millions to be refreshed at the end of November 2007, CN domain name registrations climbed 8 million on the all-time high, CN domain name in the global ranking in the national domain to achieve the "three jump", rise from fourth to second, second only to Germany DE domain name.

people in the said CN domain showed explosive growth mainly depends on the price to lower the threshold. In March this year, Ministry of information industry, Guoxin office, office of the state, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other departments under the guidance of Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) launched the "CN domain name one yuan experience and national domain off action", creating a world record low price domain.