Our popular belt in Taohuawu do you know such a taste for master in young women


is one of the most popular products in the market nowadays sex toys, not only because it felt full of more women because of its compact appearance, convenient carrying, can meet their needs in any place, which has become an important factor in many women this love, and as more and more young women for its recognition, its market value also increased, in recent years, the trend of rising. Today, the market value is immeasurable, appears in the city of Taohuawu, the market value of eggs will continue to rise, while the women’s demand for Tiaodan is becoming more powerful security guarantee.

also called shock Tiaodan egg, is a kind of toy, to put into the vagina for masturbation purposes, because of the small size, can be put into the vagina, can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipple.

has a Tiaodan egg shaped part, some cable, some is wireless, wireless Tiaodan usually have a string, after use can be pulled out from the jump rope to the vagina or anus, or may be trapped inside. Attention should be paid to the prevention of secretion outflow.

rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, smooth surface, there are many lovely shapes and different colors Tiaodan, increase the interest of a user.

in the majority of young women have fun Tiaodan popular love by single white-collar, older 3S lady. Because eggs although small, but can give you great joy and. In today’s society, work pressure, fierce competition for single women, how can release the hearts of siltation is certainly small but lust? Those cute little Tiaodan Tiaodan! Effect, can stimulate the sensitive area of the female body effectively, especially the effective stimulation of the clitoris, nipple, neck and the inner thighs and other sensitive areas. This stimulation will be transmitted quickly to the nerve center of the brain, so as to achieve the same excitement of love, so that the body and mind completely relaxed.


mall in Taohuawu pointed out that women use fun Tiaodan produced by sexual excitement and even beyond sexual pleasure, but the pleasure is often beyond the female self-control, the taste of love can not resist Tiaodan, cannot hide. Even when many women with sexual partner are required with the use of interest to reach the climax of infinite Tiaodan. The use of continuous stimulation of body fun Tiaodan sensitive area of women, will also cause the same to the sexual orgasm. Even a lot of sex never reached the climax of the female orgasm can jump. So the treatment of foreign physicians also often used to treat patients with Tiaodan frigidity in women, and it is effective to the lack of orgasm female psychological condition improved. Of course, our interest can also be used for men, but for male stimulation and triggered excitatory effect is far less than the effect on women as significant and strong. For single women or normal sexual life not because of long-distance relationship of women, fun Tiaodan is a good companion.

according to the famous company