Wangzhuan master is how to practice.

is the first to make money the reality of human beings, no more people worry about, but could see that the people will take into account is Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, because the network needs, but also our needs, want to be truly free Wangzhuan master, personal wealth, then take a look at how the Wangzhuan master Lian cheng……

: a master Wangzhuan Moonlight blog URL:

as a personal blog, the amount reached 24833342. To reach such a high level, what is the secret? Moonlight blog owner William gives the answer is: "professional, attentive, focused" and the appropriate SEO technology. He had his own professional (Electronic Engineering Senior Engineer) has published high quality articles, not by other temptations, focus on their own areas, plus the maximum appropriate SEO technology to promote their own articles. Moonlight blog has become the name of the IT community, and the blog is a solid professional skills are inseparable, but the most important thing is to be able to adhere to the blog every day to write a unique valuable original article. It takes years of perseverance to make the Moonlight blog today.

Two: Master

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum webmaster address:

Never the less flow

forum Wangzhuan Home Forum traffic, and the station is also 20 somethings, daily average: 7148 IP 29788 PV. Through his interview, the initial promotion of the forum mainly to soft Wen, he also provides a method: new sites with Sina blog propaganda effect is more stable. Because in the BBS post publicity will soon sink, if there is a link, perhaps by the moderator to delete. The blog spends half an hour or so to propagandize, then submitted to the engine and zhuaxia there can not control. As long as the Baidu included, more or less will be some flow. And will not be deleted. With the flow, they began to sell advertising, Adsense also put their own point Google Adsense ad. The overall income of about 5000 a month. It’s pretty good.

Three: Master

Wangzhuan grassroots network address:

is a grassroots network established 07 years, its initial stage is how to promote? Its core value is how to create it? You tell us at the beginning of grassroots promotion is covering the content source, the actual Internet content source is not much good, bloggers are not many. Every time I have to manually extract message said: No, this collection to have three functions, one is to inform the author, I have reproduced, the problem can contact me. Two is imperceptible to the reader to induce, the three is to do the grassroots network chain. Do stand is a hard process, why insist on grassroots master mainly from two aspects: one is to make money, love is two.

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