More than 90% provincial government website enabled Chinese domain name

The relevant provisions of the State Council according to the relevant government websites enable "Chinese.CN", including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other central ministries and commissions and other government agencies, as well as Shanghai, Guangdong and other provincial government agencies have enabled the "Chinese.CN" domain name, the reporter learned yesterday, the government Chinese domain name in the field now enable rate has exceeded 90%.

state organs and institutions of the domain name registration network director Zhang Wendong said that the norms of state organs and institutions online name, unified registration using the "Chinese.CN" domain name, is the maintenance of the organs and institutions at all levels of authority and credibility to promote the image of network, Chinese e-government specification a key step in the development of.

according to the Information Office of the State Council issued the China Information Development Report 2006, as of the end of 2006, China’s government domain name registration of more than 23700, the government website of nearly.