The issue of freemium business models attracting wrong customers

Beijing on July 24th news, according to foreign media reports, with · (Rags Srinivasan); Rini Vasan is a management expert, proficient in product strategy and marketing strategy. Currently, he is committed to the development of large data products. Here’s an article about his freemium business model.

· "freemium is going to the end, this model is generally the first to allow users to register for free, and then through to marketing to the customer to sell other products or services to make a profit," from Boulder, CEO Christian SurveyGizmo & middot; waniek (Christian Vanek) said in a recent conference call.

· even if there are 6 million 500 thousand independent users did not imagine so good. What I want is not a click, but a real business, "said Wen Xin, founder and CEO of Stormpulse, · (Matt Wensing) in an interview with Mixergy.

· you have to create a product to attract users to pay, Instapaper founder mark · Arment (Marco) in an interview with Planet Money said.

these three words can not fully explain the freemium business model is declining. Dropbox, Evernote and RememberTheMilk are not a perfect example of this business model. However, the three, to a certain extent reflects the marketing is to start – in situ regression should focus on customer needs, choose what you want to meet customer needs, and then get the value you deserve.


two groups of different retail price and good Ferrero Rocher chocolate, make a choice and let the tester (Tencent technology plan)

on the freemium business model, when the chocolate test is a frequently cited case, organizational behavior of the test by a group of economists from the MIT obsession with the freemium business model, the test content is respectively provided two different groups of the retail price of Hershey and FERRERO ROCHER chocolate, then make a choice to the test. In the first group, 1 cents a good time and a FERRERO ROCHER chocolate for 26 cents. The second group is free of Hershey’s time and a 25 cent FERRERO ROCHER chocolate. In the free Hershey and 25 cent FERRERO ROCHER chocolate, about 90% of the participants chose free time. Here, there seems to be a charm to attract users. The results of the test have also become the cornerstone of the school’s support for the freemium business model – free marketing. First of all, businesses can use the free version to win the user to use