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At the beginning of the new year

, "cut the hand" New Year’s long-awaited online shopping Sheng Hui "hot hits. From December 31st to January 3rd next year, Gome online open hot 4 days of "new big Hui" new year big promotion activities, shopping send ticket / train ticket "allows you to save money but also to avoid tolls, all preferential premium volume crazy audience, let you cool earthshaking

New Year!


As to the first

Gome online consumers new year gift, this activity, including some value huge benefit of the explosion of household appliances, 3C and various consumer goods department. Especially the activities of large home appliances, full of hundred thousand less "up to minus 2000 yuan, star burst models break 50 percent off, Dual Quad Core mobile phone computer highest straight down 1400 yuan, down 600 yuan, the highest direct digital mobile phone explosion models 5 fold, FMCG stores 9.9 yuan shipping grab and other large promotional efforts is to become more favorable the focus of attention of consumers.

in addition to a number of efforts to promote the amazing promotions, the activities of the first coupon after the purchase, big special offers and other special areas are also hot line for consumers to send the new year’s biggest new year’s benefits.


first collar coupons after shopping, New Year gift to enjoy non-stop

new year, New Year gift should be more innovative. To this end, the United States online in the new year’s day big benefits in the new launch of the first coupon after the coupon discount area. Consumers to receive 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan "many preferential store coupons, offset the cash after the explosion of panic buying order discount merchandise, will be able to enjoy the new year double huge benefits manners.

star burst models including a variety of fitness equipment, the audience 5 fold, such as the whole network price King Yi Jikang S700 light business class household ultra quiet comfort treadmill, ultra high performance, only 2299 yuan bodybuilding easily help you fix; stylish atmosphere seagull classic value flywheel series, Seagull seagull original flywheel men’s stainless steel watch the price of 980 yuan, huge benefits, to receive 30 yuan of store coupons, arrived now more preferential consumption.

big value huge benefit, enjoy the luxury of quality

In addition to

, with a strong supply chain advantage, Gome online together again "apple", "Samsung", "SONY", "Haier", "Lenovo" and other brands, as consumers in many new year’s gift value huge benefit. Such as millet 4 Android intelligent mobile phone, only 1968 yuan to panic buying; SONY 50 inch Full HD LED TV new year, price concessions, only 4799 yuan; Samsung UA40HU5920JXXZ 40 inch LED energy-saving intelligent network TV, the whole network price of only 2899 yuan, straight down 700 yuan, a limited number, to the end.


home appliances, 3C, FMCG department stores burst the benchmark to buy