Amazon’s market capitalization of over 390 billion U.S. dollars over the United States and the 8 lar

[TechWeb] January 29th news, from foreign media news shows that the U.S. Eastern time at 8 pm on January 27th, Amazon’s $835.77 share price, market capitalization of $398 billion 379 million. According to an exposure report shows that Amazon’s market value has exceeded the sum of the top 8 U.S. retailers.


Amazon’s market capitalization of over 390 billion U.S. dollars over the United States and the largest physical retailer


according to the 8 largest retailer to best buy (Best Buy BBY), Messi (Department of Macy ‘s, M), Target (TGT), JCPenney (JCP), Nord Stron (Nordstrom, JWN), WAL-MART (WMT), Kohls department store (Kohl s, KSS) and Sears (Department of Sears SHLD,


in the past 12 months, Amazon shares rose 36%, Amazon’s market value is also booming, retail stores and electricity supplier of the situation can be described as "Rainbow Night". With the development of the electricity supplier, the United States Department store industry is lagging behind, and even signs of retreat.

in January 4, 2017, with "the world’s largest store," said Messi Department announced on its official website, because sales are still difficult to pick up, the company will continue to shut shop plans, Neiguan shop 68 years, layoffs will reach tens of thousands of people.

4 this month, Messi department store on the official website of the company released last November and in December results. Announcements, these two important sales month, sales did not rise against the decline, down 2.1%. Messi department store plans to streamline the entire group, about 100 stores closed, of which 68 will be closed during the year, will lay off about 3900 people. This is only part of the company’s plans to cut jobs announced last summer. As part of the streamlining of operations and spending cuts, the company will lay off about 6200 people, that is, a total of tens of thousands of layoffs.

is not just a Messi Department store. Sears’s main rival, the department store and the department store, in the past few years, has closed hundreds of stores in the city of Messi.

Credit Suisse analyst Eugene · Clark (Eugene Klerk) recently said in a report, Amazon’s market value has reached $390 billion, a total of more than the market value of traditional retailers in the United States ranked the top eight. (Wang Kaka)