The people of Taiwan are keen to shopping authorities thorough investigation of tax evasi

Taobao Taiwan registered members have officially exceeded 1 million

        Sina Francisco June 19th afternoon news, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan people are now very keen on shopping, but a variety of tax evasion appears also makes authorities a headache. Taiwan is now set up a network monitoring force, lock Taobao and other well-known sites to recover taxes.

according to Taiwan statistics, since January last year, across two regions of the network transaction tax inspection program has a total of about 350 million dollars. Relevant responsible person said, "network monitoring force locked between sellers or consumers, as well as purchasing and payment platform for practitioners and, the first online shopping collect data, and then compared to the credit card information and other financial flows, will not let the regional network transactions become tax havens.

the responsible person also said that the regional online shopping is the most common way of tax evasion individual buyers purchasing platform directly or indirectly through industry or shopping sites, obviously dutiable goods prices more than 3 thousand yuan, but with high low "," break up the whole into parts other ways to customs, sales tax evasion, customs duties and other taxes. Cross regional online shopping tax evasion case, the most easily captured the purchasing and payment platform for practitioners, the customs when importing goods can be stopped and checked.

in Taiwan, the use of the network to sell goods, if the monthly sales of more than 80 thousand yuan, it is necessary to apply for business registration, pay business tax. (Mu Tong)