Taobao sellers Amoy Jingdong open platform will be a new home

Ali this let the world is not difficult to do business electricity supplier ecology into a sick dead loop. Many sellers have "Tao", where is the way to ask the new


first look at a set of figures, Ali released the latest quarterly revenue was $1 billion 380 million, a net profit of $669 million, net interest rate close to 50%, more than 30% Tencent, Baidu 44%, top Internet enterprises with the strongest ability of making profit. But the embarrassing is that Ali continued to transport profit Taobao shopkeepers is recession, train, such as selling promotion resources prices, 80% of the sellers of goods do not show, big sellers complain incessantly, small sellers helpless.

is on the side of Ali from sellers who "cut", one side is in jeopardy to survival. Coupled with the open platform of rivals such as Jingdong look at fiercely as a tiger does, gradually set up open ecological small sellers, sellers have Amoy a foregone conclusion.

Taobao sellers: good day has become the past

in addition to small and medium sellers, has begun to scale Amoy brand day is not good. Recently, a lot of media exposure, before a strong brand is slipping out of the Taobao search rankings, profits, promotion difficult, many Amoy brand complaints are not uncommon.

why would such a situation?

is a Matthew effect is obvious, the seller to get traffic and Taobao users, can only rely on the train, a hot, Amoy, Amoy Ali mother and promotion of resources, these resources as commodities massive explosion, increasingly stretched, resulting in high prices, small sellers can not force acquisition, because of the soaring price of big sellers, and difficult to continue.

two is Taobao has also been in the solution of a problem, that is, the precise matching of massive demand for goods and users, 80% of the goods are not worthless, but simply do not show up, which almost no solution. In particular, Tmall merchandise into the natural search sort, small sellers have no chance.

three is Ali "warm boiled frog" strategy, this is a lot of ecological service must be in tens of dollars a month, the price of "reverse transfer", increase the online sellers operating cost, many Taobao small sellers are suffering.

electricity supplier platform VS platform electricity supplier

in the past, due to Taobao, Tmall is a platform for the extension of the electricity supplier model, is to help everyone to do business platform, so a large body mass, occupy a lot of market share. But now, Ali also felt a strong sense of crisis, this threat comes from the transformation of the B2C model represented by Jingdong to the platform.

last year, Jingdong open platform settled merchants is about 6000, and this year, the figure turned over more than four times. Jingdong open platform has nearly thirty thousand sellers, carnival season on the quite good performance in just the end of the 618 online shopping, sales grew more than 2.5 times, for example, on the three day of the Lao special. "