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City Council report shows that "business" "online" and "car" and other areas is the focus of complaints

smart 3· 15

since last year, the electricity supplier, online games, cars and other areas of rapid growth in consumer spending has become the focus of consumer complaints. 3· 15 consumer rights day before evening, the City Council issued a number of typical consumer rights cases, by professional lawyers review weapon, in order to have similar experiences to consumers can learn from, take effective way to safeguard their own interests.

newspaper news (reporter Pan Bo) following the release of "2013 Shenzhen consumer complaints report" not long ago, Shenzhen City Council yesterday released last year a number of typical consumer rights cases, review weapon by professional lawyers. Cases covered by the report shows the electricity supplier, online games, cars and other major focus of rapid growth in the field of complaints.

according to the Council introduced in the year before the release of the 3· 15 cases on the one hand the popularity of relevant regulations on protection of consumer rights and interests of the new consumer law; on the other hand by a lawyer review the relevant advice to help consumers encounter similar complaints with their own reality, to take a more effective way to safeguard their own interests.

case 1:

online shopping complaints

formal electricity supplier more than half

Chen in December 24th last year, Taobao bought a white apple (530.92, 0.48, 0.09%) 5S phone, the price of $1400, and later received a fake phone. Consumers and sellers fruitless negotiations, complaints asked to withdraw. Paid in November 11th last year, Taobao to buy an Apple phone, the price of 1280 yuan, after the discovery of the phone to buy goods not board, requiring replacement, the operator has been unable to contact the shutdown, consumers can only complain.

City Council repeatedly call these businesses, some businesses began to answer the phone the City Council, then hang up after turning; some businesses are denying consumers to buy a mobile phone in the shop, and consumers do not provide detailed business address by courier company, causing the complaint can not be processed.

data show that in 2013 12315, the admissibility of the system relates to regular electricity supplier complaints, a total of 5387 cases, the total annual online shopping complaints, 52.40%; the consumer complaints, a total of 1926 cases, there are at least 10% operators about suspected fraud.

according to the City Council, "" complaints accounted for regular electricity consumption 12% of the total complaints. However, the success rate of mediation is less than 25%, the lowest number of complaints in the top ten of the regular electricity supplier, a large number of Taobao platform refused to mediate, unable to find the business is the main reason for the success rate of mediation is low.