The traditional service pain point is to cultivate the soil O2O

for a long time, the traditional business services in the process of pain points in the old way has not been effectively resolved, along with the tide of the Internet, the Internet, mobile Internet, new technologies and new thinking based on the combination of online and offline exploration point difficult to crack the pain points of the O2O model has been the attention from all walks of life and practice. The following is the meeting of the guests from their respective industries to explore the process of interpretation of the relationship between O2O and traditional service pain points.


a, found pain points

Zhao Xigang (Senior Marketing Director of South Beauty): for a Chinese enterprises, rely on the mobile Internet is first can broaden our scope of services, previously to obtain local enterprises, must walk into his front office or restaurant that now is not the same. Before, when the order through the observation of the tea service you know how this business, but with the mobile Internet, you can know what to eat or other haze days, these are the contents of the user in terms of service.

catering business is currently facing the biggest problem is the problem of the structure of the user group, each restaurant or local service enterprise user groups are not fixed.

open restaurant chain, the first problem is the supply chain issues. In different areas of business, some enterprises the same price, but the cost is not the same, there are a lot of supply chain product optimization, including internal management optimization, which will have a particularly large space.

Wang Zhenhua (discovery travel founder and CEO): in the past we will see a lot of similar products in the tourism industry for ten years, no change in twenty years, a lot of things will take for granted. For example, when we go to tourism, will certainly change the hotel, to a foreign country is weak, most people have to swallow. We all know why the CASS has just released a report on business trust, tourism is the last second, is not trusted in the industry. I don’t even know what I’m buying. Second, you meet what money is the ticket, travel agency, airline coordination problems go to. But you are a professional service organization, you must first have communication and communication rules. Because people can not tolerate these things on the Internet, we will see a lot of problems, these problems are opportunities.

Deng Chao (Chairman of the walk): Catering pain points in what place? Is subject to the limitations of time and space is very powerful, we will find food in fact one day only two time to create efficiency, is at noon and in the evening, in fact time is three or four hours. Most of the time, regardless of the manpower and equipment, the site has a lot of capacity needs to be released.

Shao Yuanyuan (community 001 chairman and CEO): what are the real estate problems: first, the current low level of electronic property. China is about to enter the era of universal e-commerce, but the real estate industry has lagged behind in the long term. Why everybody