Automotive electricity supplier in the history of the best eleven transcripts contradictory

this is a double car electricity supplier to participate in the third year, they also start on this day to obtain a higher sales volume, but for the future of the division of interests is the mind.


source: Vision China


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eleven double the end of the hustle and bustle, and all return to calm, people can remember perhaps only the cold number of 91 billion 200 million.

but for the automotive electricity supplier, just the past eleven become more unusual. BITAUTO double eleven day to produce 77992 vehicles and 12 billion 560 million total orders total transactions, car home double eleven day to produce 54085 vehicles and 8 billion 795 million total orders total transaction report.

this is a double car electricity supplier to participate in the third year, behind higher sales of such contradictions, the interests of all parties began to appear more and more.

In addition to

special buy half price spike as well as cash subsidies and other tricks, the car business platform for the publication of the data this year to become more cautious. In the statistical methods, easy to give up before the ambiguous "the number of sales leads" standard, select and use the same car home "total orders" as a statistical, or online payment orders deposit. The new standard means that the conversion rate is higher and more reliable.


market is another blockbuster game player Ali car this year is the selection of automobile and automobile and harmonious cooperation, launched the "national vehicle price and shipping orders, and can not refund the deposit is 3999 yuan, online payment requirements, perform in the practice of business model on the most thorough.

although Alibaba has not yet announced the sale of eleven double car that day, but it is not so important. Tmall’s traffic is too large, a SAIC GM Cadillac internal staff lamented the flow of electricity providers have the advantages of the platform. In its view, such as Tmall, the third party platform can help car companies exposed to new potential users, compared to the heavily hit advertising and other traditional marketing methods, and the Internet platform to cooperate for the car companies, communication is the first one.

although the huge traffic platform can import all the car companies and dealers have dreamed of, but they are also afraid of. China car manufacturers (including the dealer) on many occasions expressed open attitude of cooperation on automotive electricity supplier, but in the past few years are just the entrance platform as a marketing platform, slow-moving vehicles, 4S store set off the entrance, did not really threaten the dominance channel.

the role of the Internet is to eliminate unnecessary links, solve the problem of information asymmetry, improve the efficiency of the flow of goods and services, but it will also impact dominated by car prices and dealers price system, even the business model. This is why the past two years when people talk about the car electricity supplier, there will always be Ping