Foreign media said Baidu intends to hold 600 million yuan discount electricity supplier in ndia Myd

Mydala official website screenshot

[TechWeb] reported on November 9th, according to India’s Economic Daily reported that Baidu intends to hold India’s largest flagship discount electricity supplier platform

reported two quoted informed sources as saying that Baidu said the acquisition of a majority stake in "will", the highest investment amounted to $100 million (about 630 million yuan), the two sides refused to comment on the investment issues.

According to

reports, is one of India’s largest flagship Kinobeo Software operating sale discount merchandise business platform, is seeking a $150 million to $200 million valuation of financing, the company was founded 6 years the current shareholding structure of Info Edge company 44% stake and the remaining equity held by the company’s founder and most employees. official website shows that the site provides services in 209 cities in India, settled in the size of more than 100 thousand merchants. (small peak)