CCTV exposure Taobao brush single attack down Ma implied tax

November 22nd CCTV news broadcast rare with 13 minutes of ultra long exposure of Taobao and other electronic business platform brush single false trading behavior. Experts predict: CCTV such high-profile exposure of Taobao vices, suggesting that China’s tax authorities may be issued in accordance with the electricity supplier business volume of business tax levied by the new deal. If the new tax policy introduced, together with the sword business "fake" Ma will go down


every day 400 million brush illegal income, the final push is the electricity supplier platform


CCTV reported that every "brush hand" at least daily income of 200 yuan, the active "brush hand" at least 1 million people, so the hand brush daily income of at least 200 million yuan, but due to the organization of ditch companies 5:5 and divided into the calculation, every illegal income up to 400 million yuan per year is 146 billion! The report also said: merchants! If not hiring brush brush single hand "fraud is difficult to survive, while the business platform of the performance appraisal system for" waiter "implies that businesses spend a single brush. Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform on the surface of the holiday, but in fact it has become a "final push brush".


"double 11" 91 billion 200 million sales, let the traditional business collapse, to get the top woke up

In fact, "

brush" already exists, why CCTV now with so much efforts to expose the outdated insider? People with business and political consciousness is not difficult to understand the "last ditch":

business and the new network economy has been looking forward to the government for Chinese economic "fourth carriages", and Ma also by Chinese people on the altar. But when Taobao "double 11" mid burst table, and this year it proudly exceeded 91 billion 200 million, we found that: "three horses" have been terribly fatigued, traditional economic suffering, especially the traditional business chain is on the verge of collapse, and many industry chain and the influence of GDP loss of large unemployment is incurable (transition turn my head?! the face of Taobao such "oligopoly", the majority of enterprises is a "dead"!); originally thought that only to find business platform can earn points for the business interests of the chain of social wealth businesses, factories and express company, is to give Ma: Actually they work, because there is only one party, and Party B has thousands of people fight a life-and-death struggle; Thought on Taobao shopping saved 20 yuan and secretly, only to find that their company is precisely the traditional business chain The victim, a monthly income of less than 2000 yuan of income or even unpaid wages. When Ma ", but found the fabulously rich" true master is Japanese and americans…… We then have woken up to


fight brush is very simple, is a single tax

CCTV host finally mentioned: how to stop and crack down on scalping e-commerce transactions, will be placed in the regulatory authorities of a difficult problem". No, it’s too much to underestimate the intelligence of our regulators, right? "Brush" is not a major increase in the volume of transactions on the Internet by the volume of transactions announced by the price