Traditional enterprise electric shock branding or build platform

has been known as the "Chinese Amazon", unable to struggle in the platform recently traced marginalized embarrassing situation, undoubtedly sounded the alarm for many of you want to get involved in the electricity market of traditional enterprises, blind electricity suppliers to enter the market is wrong. Can the electricity supplier market profits is indeed very attractive, a popular online shopping behavior and the traditional enterprise sales under the line is cool thin. As a result, the electricity supplier market has become the secret of many traditional enterprises to help themselves, competing to win the inevitable.


net" impatient, taking advantage of the upper

service providerIn May 21st, the first domestic

in magnesium and magnesium alloy products of the electronic trading platform of "Shaanxi Province magnesium metal electronic commerce center was officially launched, this is good news for e-commerce industry hi new supporting children," with the Shanghai City e-commerce double push project "launched recently, have caused a stir in traditional enterprises to" shock "anxious psychology. Hurry to take advantage of change is a good thing, but the problem is that the traditional enterprise online sales has a rich and powerful experience, to enter a completely new business environment becomes more difficult, many traditional enterprises because of the lack of e-commerce professionals and unable to "play" e-commerce, this gave a large market potential third party e-commerce service providers.

I understand that currently on the market the new electricity supplier service provider for the traditional enterprise "electric shock net" provides a variety of solutions, for example, 366EC provides the housekeeper of e-commerce through the whole, no matter from the portal site to establish network stores opened to take the whole process of shopping platform services to take full account of the various types of the traditional enterprise "electric shock" strategy, these services have no way under the condition of the transformation of traditional enterprises in rapid upper, to "shock" to cater to the needs of traditional enterprise, and because the traditional business transformation and promote the third party service providers even stimulate development, is very beneficial for China’s electricity market standardization the development of. Never mind that do not understand, let people know to do, just as their sitting money, Why not??

"electric shock" without a clue, before the fear of the wolf scared the tiger

for traditional enterprises, is very suitable for electronic commerce, not only have a cost advantage, and can support the supply chain, but many business owners are very difficult to decide to do e-commerce, afraid of the impact on the real operation, afraid of intense competition online is not done well, this kind of psychological fear the wolf in front leading to a large number of entrepreneurs in the crowd Try not state. I can also understand that the risk is that everyone wants to avoid, for a full touch of their own way, of course, I hope more people practice, and then start their own. But this approach seems robust, but it seems easy to miss the opportunity. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, led the way to achieve the greatest success is all businessmen all know the truth, the electronic commerce based on Internet, is itself a place only amidst the winds of change overnight, as early as do eat meat, do not wait until the night was starved, lily is cold, I want to hit the popular "electric shock" ready to react.