Beautiful said HGO Boot Black Friday one hundred thousand empty stores global buyers

November 26th news, with the upcoming national Shopping Festival "black Friday", the domestic and overseas shopping market in the winter there unusually hot trend, many main overseas shopping business on this special day already prepared for a long time. Beautiful beautiful global fashion online shopping platform under the banner of the said HIGO has made a strong action in the near future on the line with "empty world" as the theme of large-scale online shopping festival live five black area, 100 thousand global buyers into the store every day in real time discount panic buying goods, let users can feel the value and price of goods brought black five the.

in the United States, due to up black five in some areas have started early, from the beginning of November 20th, beautiful fashion buyers say North America’s HIGO has been stationed in the famous shopping mall shopping spree, the purpose is from the prelude to black five opened to the end of the whole process of Carnival complete reduction to the other side of the ocean Chinese user. Beautiful said HIGO fashion buyers to light luxury and heavy luxury brands, outlets has now launched the activities of the brand and style in the platform of home, the first time to obtain the local supply of goods. Many brand prices exceptionally attractive, such as one thousand head Michael Kors classic Diana package, Samsonite suitcase hundreds of pieces, almost to the extent of the price without thinking. The most intuitive impact and black five fiery atmosphere moved to the user, it is beautiful that the ultimate goal of HIGO.

at the same time in the world, many businesses are hoping to play a brand promotion, so we can see large discounts to black as the theme of the five countries in the world, beautiful said HIGO’s advantage is reflected again, its worldwide 100 thousand buyers team, in each country can watch the event live, namely field. Beautiful said HIGO are set to one of the most famous outlets stores in the world, many buyers together to grab the goods, the buyer purchasing services show directional authenticity and value.

said in a beautiful HIGO home every day to see such as "empty French" and "empty Australia", full of momentum of panic buying special, there are a variety of beauty by ultra low discount goods all over the world HIGO carefully organize the most worth buying, where luxury light and heavy luxury goods only accounted for a small part of every kind of beauty products and daily necessities of life is leading to a small mask, a kettle, are beautiful said HIGO buyers are carefully selected star products, many of which are star queen, but the price is not expensive, really allow more people to enjoy the quality of life.

in the shopping experience process, beautiful said HIGO group function has played a huge role. Always have the beauty of social gene HIGO, has already established a buyer group mechanism, and the user is no longer invisible buyers strange dialogue, but each of them can join the group, buyers can quickly release their dynamic shopping in store in the group, real-time communication with customers to understand the needs of users. >