Suzhou to build cross-border electricity supplier to the Yangtze River Delta

Beijing June 18 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Guo Yanan) "in June 18th, cross-border supervision of service trade, complex process of one station" as the core of the Suzhou high tech Zone Supervision of cross-border e-commerce center officially opened. The same day, under the supervision of the Suzhou customs scene, the first batch of 397 men and women exported to Australia smooth customs clearance.

According to the Ministry of Commerce

forecast, 2016 Chinese cross-border electricity import and export trade volume will reach 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, in 2017 will increase to 8 trillion yuan scale level, the next few years, the cross-border electricity supplier accounted for Chinese import and export trade ratio will increase to 20%, the annual growth rate will exceed 30%. The rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier in recent years, however, the industry is dominated by the B2C model is vulnerable to the impact of bilateral trade regulatory policies.

cross-border electricity supplier orders fragmentation characteristics, although the number of orders, but the price is relatively low. The fragmentation of orders to small parcel post entry way, formed a great challenge to the supervision of customs." Dragon Network founder and chairman Feng Jianfeng said. If you can not conduct a comprehensive regulation, will directly lead to damage to the interests of consumers. The growing scale of cross-border electricity supplier, regulatory costs will be very high, efficiency will also be affected.

Feng Jianfeng said that the Suzhou high tech Zone cross-border e-commerce supervision center will be distributed warehouse and regulatory positions for bundling integration, which has both the storage and supervision function. The supervision center will rely on the three-dimensional storage, through the WMS intelligent management system software, the integration of the formation of cross-border electricity supplier warehouse management and on-site customs supervision solutions, providing a range of services including goods receipt and product quality inspection, sorting, coding, storage, distribution, etc.. At the same time equipped with intelligent sorting and cloud off code, it is greatly enhance the efficiency of customs clearance.

Yunguan code is for a set of data under the supervision of cross-border e-commerce solutions, is the entry and exit of goods ID, contains the product supply chain information, order information, customs information, logistics information etc..

Suzhou customs Deputy Commissioner

Weiyan Liu said: "the regulation after the center opened, will be based on the cross-border electricity demand, fully replicated throughout the paperless customs clearance, simplify reporting and put a list of nuclear, summarize the regulatory innovation system, promote cooperation in customs seized" a declaration, one inspection and one release ", the cross-border electricity supplier the cargo clearance time basically be completed within 24 hour, customs clearance costs to a minimum, highest efficiency of customs clearance."

according to the Suzhou hi tech Zone Director Zhou Xudong introduction, supervision center area planning 13000 square meters, through Suzhou to build cross-border e-commerce service platform, the formation of Suzhou in Jiangsu province and even the whole industry chain of cross-border electricity supplier, to attract the East China region and the national cross-border trade electricity supplier settled in Suzhou, Suzhou to promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, creating new economic growth.