Super APP can carry the traditional retailers nternet plus dream

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Research Institute released the "daily China retail O2O trend analysis and Prospect of the Research Report" shows that in Chinese chain hundred enterprises, 82% enterprises have launched the business electricity supplier, has been carried out in the business enterprise, self built platform accounted for 60%.

or self online mall, launched its own APP; or in cooperation with the business platform; if not, the way WeChat, Alipay and other mobile payment access, foreign companies can claim to "Internet +XXXX". The Internet has not been exposed to the traditional retail business, online website and APP is "across the Internet" the most simple way, such as Carrefour, jingkelong.

from the traditional view of the Internet to the action of the supermarket is very little compared to other traditional retailers. According to the European network to understand, so far, Carrefour net action has three: May 2015, Carrefour and WeChat China payment to establish cooperation, access to WeChat online payment stores; June 2015, Carrefour Carrefour officially launched online shopping mall, O2O mode; in December 2015, Carrefour officially launched APP online shopping mall; the layout is still not free from most popular super net. As for the Beijing long even more: in addition to the November 2015 launch of Jingkelong APP, no sound.

is equipped with "website, APP, Internet payment tools" three sets "is the traditional retail channels to promote one of the most popular links, but this way can really carry retailers Internet plus


according to 100 million European network, more than 80% of the retail business online sales proportion is very low. In 2014, Chinese out of the top 100 chain store sales network mostly maintain only in the tens of millions of dollars in sales volume, enterprise network sales of 31.4% to less than 10 million yuan, net sales of more than 300 million yuan of enterprises accounted for only 13.7%. Thus, although the line of super network sales channel penetration rate is considerable, but the role of sales is still limited.

regardless of the traditional super self APP products has been criticized for not professional services and UI design, function is not ugly humanized products between app and self care, the supermarket business platform always lack of a "other people’s goods". The user’s shopping habits often lead to their choice of self built channels in the supermarket and third party electronic business platform. It’s easy to imagine a scene is: when the user selects the online super buy goods, will be the choice of First impressions are strongest at only one store, even if there is no demand for commodities will also look for alternative commodities; but when users choose to buy goods online, is certainly commodity rich, SKU cheap win, goods more than three consumer psychology in the supermarket self APP products can not be met.

electricity supplier has a first mover advantage, consumer impression has been formed; the traditional super super self built a APP is generally difficult to break through. In addition, entrepreneurs can not avoid the development of APP >