Ali investment UC mobile phone providers seeking to move into Ali heart disease

Ali now to the mobile Internet investment is unprecedented, no less than Baidu’s generous, although Ali is not related to the acquisition of money for independent Mobile Games platform, but many products are not only Mobile Games shadow, so Ali also bought Sina micro-blog, and WeChat can compete for mobile Internet products, enough to let Ali get a certain advantage in the mobile internet terminal, but this does not seem to allow Alibaba to feel satisfied, because these products do not have the decisive significance on Internet entrance, but also that these problems may be used by competitors, which pose a threat to Ali’s mobile Internet strategy.

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Ali UC investment obviously in the operation of UC do not have the right to decide, from Ma Yun’s office, just as a director of UC, rather than the chairman of the board, although there is a difference, but on behalf of the power, but Ma Yun’s investment will naturally make the paste UC electricity supplier genes, or Ma Yun is not willing to provide let UC to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, in addition to the value of the current UC browser has hundreds of millions of domestic users, there are more than 100 million overseas users, this point can also be Ali’s B2B platform has been used, together with the effect of UC on Mobile Games entrance have, also Ma Yun enough to get the entrance of another electricity supplier, in order to achieve the investment of a product, to achieve the two entrance value. From the sale of a very cost-effective.

UC but whether in the field of electricity supplier out of the new heaven and earth is unknown, like Sina micro-blog after the acquisition of Ali, Ali at the entrance to start the mobile Internet, but because of this point for fans of sina on micro-blog is much reduced, because it requires a lot of people play in social and not after shopping, but these social platforms have a Taobao gene, always inadvertently pop on some Taobao ads, micro-blog’s content is embedded in the Taobao advertising, the advertising bomb does make a lot of people anti sense.

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UC browser after implantation started Taobao ads, Taobao became the showcase platform attractive for users obviously will be greatly reduced, to know the Taobao mobile Internet shopping experience is still relatively poor, if you start at the Taobao advertising implanted in a large number of UC, obviously is not suitable for users, want to know now UC is not a competitor, Google Chrome on the Internet is very high, at least in the point of view on the application or occupy absolute advantage, if domestic UC do not consider their own user experience, forced into the electricity supplier application, I am afraid that would be counterproductive.

mobile providers how to break through

for Ali, now is to break through the bottleneck of mobile business is unprecedented urgent, once you know as the PC platform under the rival Tencent even in imperceptibly owned mobile application products WeChat the Chanticleer, once WeChat and supplier together to sure >