Micro business should not rely on the development of swindling

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micro business should not rely on the development of "cooked"

With the help of WeChat

and the rise of social micro business in recent years is very hot, but insiders leaked, the circle of friends in high volume, taking micro drying out of the fiery transaction screenshot scraper, many false phenomenon produced by software, the purpose is to seduce the circle of friends to buy, or even fraud. ("Guangzhou daily" April 8th)

this time, open space and circle of friends, like shopping in Taobao, as friends said: it reminds you to add clothes, holiday greetings not less, even when you remember to drink it Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, in addition to parents, it was only the WeChat help do micro business. Silk Mask, puffer mask, volcano mud mask…… They can not only make looks back to life, but also shoulder the defense mistress and create a better future mission. Sometimes, you don’t know the micro business and do what is the difference between Amway, the only discernible, is derivative of "chicken soup" only one ingredient, called "bullish".

do not do business, it is difficult to understand the fun. However, Shuabing or self hi or business ecosystem could not go against the basic public order and good morals, the current main problems existing are:


is a resort to deceit. From trading dialogue to transfer record, from effect to inspection report…… All can help micro showmanship content can be customized, "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay transfer screenshots generator" and "net transfer screenshot software and other software applications, and close the" user guide "into a lot of micro business records" brush artifact". If some derivative sellers really God for help, "consumer protection law" and "advertisement law" may not be idle.

two is unlicensed direct selling. "Direct marketing management Ordinance" since December 1, 2005, the implementation of the previous year, there is no brand direct sales license to obtain a license in July 2006. If there is no direct selling license products, preference in virtualization, Pyramid level agents on the reward system, then, this spell "overbearing total generation" dream of riches marketing, from marketing is very near.

three is overdrawn social emotion. About 10000000 micro business behind, is the reality of social media is over commercialization. At the end of last year, a piece is crazy pass: "perennial selling clothes, selling shampoo, facial mask, selling watches, selling shoes, selling bags, selling desserts and fruit shop owners in my circle of friends, has been at the end of the year, you pay rent a sad year." Some people say, "cooked" micro business marketing mode, the network era is faced to interpersonal emotion "discount" risk.

in the "Internet plus" era, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, of course, can not be demonized derivative. Derivative of broad sense, of course, is not limited to open a shop in WeChat, but with the channel vector Web3.0, the traditional transaction Internet technology combined with the implementation of small individual business sales channels breakthrough. Micro business even change, ultimately taking "". Since it is business