Sheng Lin using entertainment Post Bar do network promotion

is well known, blog, paste it, the forum is the most basic form of network promotion three.

under normal circumstances, send a post is more convenient than the updated blog, the flow of people will be more, the topic of discussion is also less than the scope of the forum, post bar can be very convenient to find their own topics of concern. So Baidu post bar is a form of promotion between blogs and forums.

is also one of the world’s largest platform for the exchange, to understand the changes in the world at the same time, you can also make a lot of friends, but also a lot of friends and discuss their favorite topics…… Its simple distribution and easy operation are popular among young people. Therefore, the use of post bar to carry out some simple network promotion also came into being.

if someone wants to promote a website, you can update some entertainment information on the website. Because of the wide range of entertainment information, the high degree of Internet users can participate in the discussion of the greater enthusiasm. In response to this information, extract the relevant topics, can be carried out as follows:

1 if the information relates to the stars themselves, you can directly to the Star Post Bar and post links to their web site.

2 if the topic related to the film, either in the film director, actor in "Post Bar" post, also can be in the name of the film to the Post Bar post or directly to the "movie" Post Bar post.

3 if it is entertainment news, not only can be related to the star stick in the post, you can also stick with the star in a good friend post.

the same content according to different angles, flexible multi angle post. In order to achieve the desired results.

need to pay attention to is:

1 in a stick post don’t repeat, post title and content as far as possible, but not too exaggerated.

2 to register multiple accounts for flexible posting. If you see an account posting record in different Post Bar in repeated with a link to the post, will be deleted without hesitation. At the same time, the content of the post is lack of credibility.

3 and the top of their posts up (preferably with different accounts or anonymous), to achieve the use of the two.

4 is generally in the hotter the popularity of Post Bar post, but in some "slow" Post Bar post also had to say in a way, perhaps it’s right on its website publicity content more interested in


5 if the link is always deleted posts, you can anonymously to the link to the second floor.

how to use the entertainment information in the post bar to promote, the method also need their own experience. No fixed routines, we want to do is not in routine play, as long as the result is the same. If in the short term on their website for publicity, the use of entertainment information posted in the bar is a good choice!