Dragon Boat Festival webmaster how to promote their own website

is a Dragon Boat Festival, how to use the Dragon Boat Festival to promote their website is the topic of concern. Indeed, from past experience, the Dragon Boat Festival marketing effect is far better than the Mid Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival of the two traditional festivals, but the spirit does not give up any chance of the idea, or should take advantage of the Dragon Boat festival. Well, a lot of things is just a gimmick, modern life is busy and tense, what is needed is an excitement, emotions will be mobilized, the Dragon Boat Festival is an exciting one.

the road to Jane, the same. In fact, the Dragon Boat Festival marketing with other festivals are similar, only wearing the vest is different. The establishment of a special Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival for a few keywords related to do SEO, the keywords ranking, so that when users search for the Dragon Boat Festival Words can get a lot of traffic from search engines. In fact, the key lies in the "forward festival marketing" two words, called viral marketing professional. You can make a Dragon Boat Festival blessing page, the best is to let users fill in the name of the object and generate blessings and wishes to make some kind of statement; related to the Dragon Boat Festival is the best picture, dynamic GIF images, their URL embedded in them; making the Dragon Boat Festival blessing card, if not to download cards you can. Some of the above will send the QQ group or popular forums, the most important is that users are forwarding, write like "will this page is forwarded to the five Q group or forum, you and your family can be a lifetime of happiness" such a statement. Although this plot is already a lot of people have been a commonplace talk of an old scholar, immunity, but we should believe that the new network always have someone willing to forward, so it must be so many traffic.

of course, so the quality of traffic is not high, often people look at a moment to go. If you look at things closer, you can directly put the ad on the forwarding page, there will always be a lot of harvest. If you look a bit too far, it must improve the quality of the page, visitors will be induced to other pages to give users leave a good impression, so as to improve their website brand awareness. If you do a local website, marketing ability, cooperation should try to contact the local selling dumplings, some business hotel, cake shop, gift shop, on the page to write "I wish you a happy and healthy family surname dumplings" similar statements, help the brand promotion, it can benefit directly again, does not affect the quality of the page, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

or something but is in fact the same old stuff, predecessors have said thousands of times. But we should know that the site is not the lack of marketing promotion methods, but the execution, not whether the method is novel, the key is that you have not done, put it into action. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, with three hundred city site navigation is very good website www.henhaoa.com a large number of sites included, welcome to apply for free.