Small width network marketing seven failure analysis

network marketing is growing rapidly in recent years, the enterprises also want to use this tool to transfer to the enterprise network marketing’s full, but does not know any kind of weapon used properly will weaken its power or seriously injured himself. The time to develop the network marketing in the enterprise, marketing failure is today I will emerge in an endless stream, several friends analysis network marketing the wide attention of small flaw.

first: network marketing is not the overall implementation of the implementation of the plan. This is the most terrible, because the network marketing is a link as a whole, are closely related and connected in the middle of each link ring. Eg: business planning website – production site – operating website – promotion site – Statistical Analysis of data – adjust marketing methods. Can be said that several steps are both serial chain, if an enterprise wants to do network marketing, must be careful to make a plan feasible, so as not to work not completed.

second: website construction purpose is not clear. Website construction in the continuous development of this technology, it can be said to be wonderful, and now the vision of the site also accounted for a large part of the website construction industry. However, enterprises must be clear about their purpose is to show their website, or to use the site to bring customers to the enterprise. Objective to make clear the construction site, this link is not a failure. Because the website construction of good and bad and purpose, the influence of the website in the future of the advantages of network promotion.

third: not good at marketing methods flexible use. The failure of enterprise search engine bidding is the most obvious, can also be said that the 100 auction companies can do to bring customers from search engine only less than 10, which is why there appears a lot of advertising account management company, has also appeared in these companies, saved the enterprise. Shanghai easy point network specializing in advertising account management, save every penny for the enterprise, so that enterprises with the lowest investment to get the maximum revenue.

fourth: website information collection is king. This is now a lot of large portal sites and resources, a large number of acquisition to fill the defect site, however this approach completely influenced the development of the website, then let the network marketing website for garbage, can’t do anything, no traffic, marketing certainly can not do the further down.

fifth: search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the largest share in network marketing, search engine companies slowly discovered the importance of various industries have developed SEO, a lot of enterprise failure is the keyword ranking up, but it is not the same thing as customers work. Therefore, enterprises in the attention of SEO, but also to grasp the user conversion rate, exhausted the way you can use to allow customers to enter your site into potential customers.

sixth: marketing online and offline fault. According to the Internet marketing action points, divided into online and offline action, online is the accumulation of contacts, and then through the line of some of the exchange activities to promote the stickiness of online users and reputation. So this >