To make a million UNQLO event day regressed thinking to share

in the morning on July 15, 2015, almost in the web page, WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and so on social tools and detonated a trigger in the fitting room mhmm about events, spread speed only 2 hours to get to a very high breaking 100 million records, the advertising value estimated at around 20 million, even more than.


let’s review the story: 14 evening, short brush a "Beijing Sanlitun’s room exposed indecent video" burst circle of friends and social networks, the male and female human flesh was immediately. Not in Beijing, Sanlitun’s dressing room in the video, a couple of suspected in lovemaking, girls and boys giggle and flirt with an easy grace, calm with a mobile phone in the self timer, and network transmission of the video was filmed in Beijing, Sanlitun is actually a UNIQLO’s changing room.

users immediately launched the human action, on the morning of 15, micro-blog users admitted that he is "Sanlitun UNIQLO fitting room to love the heroine of the video, and the tone of arrogance: record the video to your BB? What time, please have a break! There are two male and female master accounts are empty micro-blog and photo albums, true or false.

but there are also netizens pointed out that Sanlitun’s dressing room indecent video: obviously this is suspected of speculation UNIQLO three excessive companies used two occupation unknown actors play false play in marketing in public, girls were shot often nervous one hundred reluctant, that a generally unconscious Wuzui afraid of being heard outside, and the slender models looked poised, with gestures, a look that is trained and rehearsed repeatedly.

yesterday morning to night in the major WeChat group, QQ group and other social platforms to ask the most is:



heard that there was a full 10 minute video who had

look, UNIQLO that female identity has been found out.

‘s the same T-shirt freshly baked


what? UNIQLO actress Dutch act?


and so on, a series of related problems, here is not to say, skip…

many large companies to see this event is hot, but also to start with this event as the topic of a variety of marketing programs. I believe we have to understand, and I’m not here nonsense, and then directly into the theme of it!

has a word to say "everything happens there must be conducive to me, such a thing happened today, the Internet, as a marketing personnel should be able to see some opportunities, a grass root for me, how to make good use of? First of all, we should know this 3


first et al. Create opportunities